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Does personality matter?

We often judge people by their behaviors, attitudes, and basically their personalities.
And it seems like there are some people who have good(or attractive) personalities.

Well, if a person is too bad at getting along with others, he should at least do something about it. But we see a lot of bad people who are seemingly friendly, sociable, attractive and polite, but turns out really selfish and intolerant …..and vice versa.

Can we assume that an effort to change one's own, unique personality indicates that we're unconsciously afraid of being different from others?
Well, let’s just say having good personality matters.
But can we judge people by that?
Let's say there's a person who is bad at cracking jokes.
If he practices jokes everyday in order to be attractive even though that is not who he is, is he being confident about himself?


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  • Sep 14 2012: Actors need to know personalities and emotions very well
    to play many parts and they are most successful

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