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is Everything NEGOTIABLE?

Have you ever tried to negotiate for the house, flat, apartment, room or what so ever you wanted to rent? ( not to buy)

If you have done , would you be willing to share your experience?

How often you find yourself negotiation on daily basis?
Who yo negotiate most of the time?

If you are aware of your negotiation style, techniques and Linguistic (verbal and non verbal) patterns Would you be willing to share with us?

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    Sep 9 2012: "Will you sleep with me for a 100 dollars?'

    "No! Of course not, what do you think I am a whore?"

    "How about a million?"


    "Okay... So we both agree that you're a whore, now we're just negotiating price"

    Someone told me that was a Winston Churchill joke, and I like to believe it. Yes everything is negotiable... except, deals with the government, and their corporations. This is the benefit of local enterprise. Especially if you are willing to become a valued customer, and show some loyalty, you'd be amazed what you can talk your way into with a local family owned business... Don't negotiate at McDonalds though : p
    • Sep 9 2012: Hey David,

      Thanks for joke, it is a good one!

      Well, I agree there are certain places you don't negotiate because we grow in a society where we believe that tagged prices are not negotiable. such as in supermarkets and shopping malls. (not to mention pricing psychology they use)

      and not in every country and culture is willing to negotiate.
      I am not Spaniard (I live in Spain) here I could find out that Spaniards are not so keen in negotiating for price, or finding a win-win deal, where in the same country Moroccans are willing to negotiate as hard as they can.

      where a non negotiable Spaniard vs a negotiable Moroccan is a free dramatic theatre. (like Merchant of Venice) Lately a Spanish friend sold his old Mercedes to a Moroccan. The Spanish went mad after a few back and forth hard talks. He just wanted the Moroccan pay the price he asked for.

      and once I was negotiation for a Latin American friend to buy a car. Spaniard got angry for the questions I asked, and the Latin American didn't care much to know the pricing strategies. he just wanted the car (but he asked me to negotiate the price down).

      the only place I don't negotiate is the supermarket, because I shop very quickly not to lose time in wandering around and finding same item in different package with different price. I find the more you wander around the more you buy.
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    Sep 9 2012: The rights of freedom for my children and grandchildren are not negotiable.
    • Sep 9 2012: Ok, I agree Edward you said that, and I am pretty sure that you know that there was somebody out there who was negotiating for that rights-of-freedom. How we can set a non negotiable terms when we haven't found out yet the balance between just and unjust?

      The rights of freedom for Iraqi / Syrian / Afghan / Pakistani children are not negotiable either, but some out there are negotiation for the rights, don't you think so?

      These people SHOULD and MUST have as much right of freedom as your / our children have. because :
      they are feed with the same food, hurt with the same weapons
      subjects to the same diseases healed by the same means
      warmed and cooled by the same winter and summer.
      If you prick them they will bleed too
      If you tickle them they will laugh too
      if you poison them they will die too

      Don't you think so? if you do...
      may I add, if someone can stand and negotiate for THEIR rights of freedom, some one also can negotiate for OUR rights of freedom.
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        Sep 9 2012: I simply meant that I will not negotiate. I cannot speak for anyone else. I do not agree that everything is negotiable for everyone. Thank you!
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    Sep 9 2012: There is a principle in economics called pareto efficiency. If within a transaction one party could be made better off without making the other worse off, there is room for a deal. The one made better off by the change would be able to compensate the other to share the advantage to him of the trade. This creates what in normal speech is sometimes called a win-win.

    If there is no further room for such a deal, the position is called pareto efficient.
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    Sep 9 2012: Not everything
    • Sep 9 2012: Why not?
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        Sep 10 2012: I think the things which have a price are negotiable a'int they?
        • Sep 10 2012: Sure they can be!

          The stuff in supermarket has price too, but no one negotiate over the price!

          you know why?

          It have been there for generation in western society, we grow up seeing it and and believing that it is so and it should be so... we just buy it!

          I have a good story about a Vietnamese in US going to local (supermarket) shop and starts negotiating: The owner was called... after a while they both end up making deals. and even become families.
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        Sep 10 2012: Sorry, i was thinking in the broad sense of life.in an extreme point of view,would you kill your children and yourself for a family in Africa or the middle east? maybe a Touareg? so they could live?
        • Sep 10 2012: Hey Ken,

          are we negotiation?

          Please do yourself a favour to read my first comment!
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    Sep 8 2012: If you mean like everything can be bargained, then I kinda want to agree. Everything has a price or value, and some things have more value than other things.
    • Sep 9 2012: James, I agree you said that and I am sure that you had times when you thought that offered price is higher than what it is worth actually.

      Plus as far as I know, negotiation over a price is similar to haggling, and this is not always mean negotiation.
      Negotiation is trying to find or agree a favourable term for the action or purchase to take place.

      Nelson Mandela was negotiation for unification in his country.
      Kofi Annan was trying to find an agreement in Syria.

      You can find yourself negotiation with your girlfriend over which restaurant to go and when to go.
      you can find yourself negotiation with your colleges over the position of a project you are about to start.
      or even the girl you just met in a bar and buy her a drink... there is a hidden message in offering her a free drink... she likes it or not, you do it with hope having something greater or equal value in return, is it so in many cases?

      My question was whether you are into negotiation... if you try to find a favourable terms for the action to take place where both of you are happy? if you do, How you do it? are you aware of it?

      Last time my landlord said the price of his rental house. I had to ask all the possible question to find out how he came up with such a numbers, (finding his decision making strategy)... and what included in that price... and how changeable it is, if we take ABC out and put ZYX in... How he would feel the price I offer for his house. And in many cases it works where we both leave the table with good feeling.

      JFK words: "Let's never negotiate out of fear, let's never fear to negotiate"
  • Sep 8 2012: Hi all

    Negotiate but not ego(tiate)

    I do very often, some friends find it unfair when I negotiate for my house rent.
    I learnt not to accept first offer, I want to find a balance and get a win/win deal.

    This win/win is my main style of negotiation.

    More about my uncommon negotiation techniques will be after yours;

    Feel free to say anything you like, We are NOT negotiating.
    you can tell us about hard negotiators as well.