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Build an actual vertical farm, not just a vertical system

I have been wondering about this idea since I was a little kid. Basically I need the community's help to get started with the project. I want to build an actual Vertical farm and not just a vertical production system, like they do a zoos. Vertical systems are perfect small scale experiments, we should take it one step further and make an actual autonomous building used for indoor farming.

What I propose is to build a small 3 story building. I live in Nicaragua and even though developing the idea here will be difficult because there are no related projects or researches going on, construction of something like this would help the development of my country.

I need people who is interested in bringing ideas, help me do the calculations of how much electricity I need, how much water, installation of solar panels, water pumps, and all the logistic behind it. If you have the vision and you think that we could give the Internet a real use, and manage a project completely through Forum interactions and E-mail then join me and we could be changing the world.

  • Sep 12 2012: There are currently many vertical farms in existence, the problem is that everyone seems to have their own definition of vertical farming.

    This is a capital intensive the first thing people need to prepare for is the cost. (Especially for lighting and electricity.)
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    Sep 11 2012: So what exactly are you trying to build? And can you clarify a little more of what an actual vertical farm is vs a vertical system?