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What would you like your country to be like 50 years from now?

What kind of country do you want your children and their children to be living in 50 years from now? What do you want the environment, economy, urban areas, farms, social landscape and so on to be like?

What is happening now, and is there anything that you can do now to work toward that vision?

  • Mar 21 2011: I'm hoping our government becomes a little more like Canada's, while still retaining the ability to take control if there are still places that really need help. Hopefully it becomes a lot more tolerant of all people, religions, and classes.
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    Mar 21 2011: nowhere to be seen. countries are outdated.
    • Mar 21 2011: Hi Krisztian. Interesting concept. Could you elaborate for us, please? Thanks
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        Mar 21 2011: what is the role of countries? as an economic unit, it is harmful.

        as a political unit, it is also harmful.

        as a cultural unit, it is undefined, ill-defined or not-so-well-defined. but culture does not need definition. i'm not against a region having its own language, poets or cuisine. but it should not be treated rigidly, should not be institutionalized, regulated. it must be free to change, and mix with neighboring cultures. it is not a "country" thing. culture changes from city to city, from region to region, from continent to continent. drawing boundaries won't help at all.
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    Mar 21 2011: In 50 years, I would like Canada to be a nation that still welcomed people from around the world to join us and where every citizen spoke at least two languages from chlildhood on. I want every child to be well fed, well educated and well cared for physically and thus able to pursue a really productive and satisfying life. I hope that we will work together to expand into areas of the country that are not well inhabited and fill up our great land while leaving a lot of space for nature (and I hope we do something about black flies and mosquitos that is not counterproductive). I hope our healthcare system will take care of every person in sickness and work to preserve their health for long and happy lives. I hope we will be a far greener society which has learned to harness wind and solar energy. I'd like to see us with full employment by coming to understand that work has real dignity and that a four day work week allows more people to participate in prosperity and in their familiy lives. I would also like to see an elected representative as our head of state rather than a monarch.