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Would you want your kid to grow up and choose the exact same profession that you chose to do?

The responses to this question should be interesting...


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    Sep 7 2012: I would not. For one, their interests might not be the same as mine. If this becomes true, then why propel the idea that they should undertake my profession. If one is intrigued by philosophy, let them contemplate on the meaning of being, if instead one is passionate about professional soccer, I would love to see my child go to the world cup if his/her talent takes him/her there. As long as they realize that that is what they want to input all their resources into and make a contribution to the human condition, I support whatever profession they seek to attain. (That being said, I would like them to go to a university instead of working at a mediocre job, not to say those jobs are not important to the economy and the nation as a whole but education should be prioritized once the final ramifications are thought of.)

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