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Can a Childrens Book be written to explain String/M Theories, that is friendly and relatable?

Awe inspiring and thought provoking for children. My hope is build curiosity and beauty. Perhaps developing characters being Protons, neutrons, electrons, quarks, bosons, fermions. Any ideas on a story line to introduce youngsters to this theory?


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  • Sep 10 2012: Thats beautiful Bob. Yes I was thinking about introductory approaches because of the complexity. AFter looking at loads of text, conversations, etc. I am looking to also preparing the readers brain. What a task this is shaping up to be. The journey is awesome and your suggestions are great. in this process it is opening up so much information, different points of views, perspectives and knowledge. So I am researching the human brain, just a bit. I think it's also important to be responsible . I can just imagine a reader going to hear all these things in their future and debates, wouild like to leave them with one common thread, Would like to open their eyes to the possibility to see new things through New eyes. Hope that doesn't sound weird. But when I'm done , It will make sense. Thank You very much for your thoughts Bob. Greatly appreciated.
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      Sep 10 2012: Because the massive push in education right now is STEM your timing is great. I would suggest that you investigate the current natural science approach being employed by the educational text book writers. If youb align your series with their approach your biggest customer could be the school systems buying at least one set per library and perhaps as a classroom text. There are plenty of resources at the Junior High and High school levels. Where we fall behind is the preparation for science at the third grade through the sixth grades. Do your own research and find the target population. I think this is critical.


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