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Can a Childrens Book be written to explain String/M Theories, that is friendly and relatable?

Awe inspiring and thought provoking for children. My hope is build curiosity and beauty. Perhaps developing characters being Protons, neutrons, electrons, quarks, bosons, fermions. Any ideas on a story line to introduce youngsters to this theory?


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    Sep 7 2012: For samples of similar projects, I would look at the two Stephen Hawkings books for kids and the kid-friendly introduction to particle physics from either Lawrence Hall of Science or Lawrence Berkeley Lab.

    There are lots of online videos also, like a recent one from NASA, I think, about the Higgs boson.My son enjoyed these when he was younger.

    Here is a start: http://particleadventure.org/ and http://mashable.com/2012/07/03/higgs-boson-cartoon/ and http://www.quarked.org/
    • Sep 7 2012: This is a huge task indeed and I thank you for the direction. Most interesting joiurney to go on but one I believe will be fun. Visualizing the Theory and introducing particles to children. You say your son enjoyed the books, How does he see the world today and has the aid of these books helped his understanding of partlcle physics? Was there something in particular that caught his attention the most?
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        Sep 7 2012: Children are interested in what things are made of and where things come from. When I was growing up, we understood elements with their protons, neutrons, and electrons as the fundamental building blocks of "things.". Today's children know there are up and down quarks, charm quarks, fermions and bosons, neutrinos.....They know better how much there is beyond what they see with their eyes. (lots!)

        He and his friends lamented the delay when the misalignment of the particle path closed the LHC down for almost a year. They waited eagerly for the announcement of a possible Higgs boson and understand that it is part of the explanation for why particles have mass. He knows its an attempt to fit the last piece into the standard model but that the frontier of science in that field reaches beyond the standard model. He knows big sister will be part of trying to push at that frontier.
        • Sep 7 2012: Maybe you should be writing a book. Great experiences. Very interesting and exciting, it makes me want to know more and thats exactly how I would like to make a reader feel. Thank you Fritzie Reisner.

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