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Can a Childrens Book be written to explain String/M Theories, that is friendly and relatable?

Awe inspiring and thought provoking for children. My hope is build curiosity and beauty. Perhaps developing characters being Protons, neutrons, electrons, quarks, bosons, fermions. Any ideas on a story line to introduce youngsters to this theory?


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    Sep 7 2012: Yes, I think it can be done. It would just need to be really abstract and use a lot of analogies rather than using actual terms/definitions like quarks and electrons and bosons, perhaps.
    • Sep 7 2012: Hi James, Do you have any analogies in mind?
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        Sep 7 2012: Stuff like one of those "An electron walked into a bar..." jokes

        A girl and boy : positive and negative

        black hole : vacuum cleaner (well not quite)

        fusion : two atoms smashing with each other : two kids running at each other as fast as they can and then become one being, I dunno lol

        Ok, these analogies aren't that great, but I'm sure there are better analogies that can spark good ideas
        • Sep 7 2012: Yours sparks the imagination and had me laughing. Thank you James Zhang

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