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Can a Childrens Book be written to explain String/M Theories, that is friendly and relatable?

Awe inspiring and thought provoking for children. My hope is build curiosity and beauty. Perhaps developing characters being Protons, neutrons, electrons, quarks, bosons, fermions. Any ideas on a story line to introduce youngsters to this theory?


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  • Sep 7 2012: Sure, until

    -until the child asks :
    Where did this something come from? Nothing? or was it really "just always here?"

    If the string theory is taught as possibly developed and created from the Giver of MUSIC, musing=thinking, by thought(s) of a Designer, it is easy to follow ancient scientifically proven harmonies of all fo material existance to the harmony of the radio-frequency and sounds of the universe and light itself, by the Giver , the Light , the Love and Truth - a personal Creator.

    Share amusement parks get us to playfully not think, as to Music and thoughtful harmonies are creatively thought in thinking.
    • Sep 7 2012: Children ask many many questions, for example the endless "Whys." and "How comes." I thought a proper introduction to particules and The String/M Theory would be exciting. To take them on a journey of knowledge and possibilities. Let them make their own discoveries through a loving tale and come away feeling entertained. There is a saying "Music say what our words cannot" JP Piert, thank you for your insight

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