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Would a Matriarchal Society offer a better shot at developing a world of Peace and Harmony?

Men have ruled the world since the dawn of time. Only in very limited situations have women ruled over men and called all the shots.

Would it change the world in a more meaningful way if women only were allowed to be leaders in a country? In essence, I saying what if men and women changed roles in today's world? Would it create a better opportunity to create a world of peace and harmony?

If the roles of men and women were exchanged, except for giving birth to children, would it be possible that they could create a better world for humans to live and prosper? I don't mean that the role of feminism and masculinity should be exchanged. I'm asking what if there were no Kings, just Queens.

Please no Cuss Words or inflammatory remarks made about other peoples religions.
Thank you.


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  • Sep 18 2012: Black American Society is Matriarchal as the father does not have any role in the family or at least it is that way now. When black families were patriarchal during the time of Jim crow the crime rate of blacks was much lower and were a minority in the prison system even though the justice system was heavily biased against them. Now after they are far more equal with less bias in the justice system they now make up a majority of the criminals in the states. The reason why is that welfare came with the civil rights movement but it was targeted at single mothers, so women at the time decided to throw away their husbands to get a government check. The problem is that we now know that being raised by a single mother is the most important contributor to dysfunctional behavior and crime more than poverty or race. 85% percent of the youths in prison were raised by single mothers.
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      Sep 18 2012: I understand you completely having lived in an apartment complex that was heavily multi-racial. I observed this behavior (in all the races) and have studied it. I see the results you speak of and use this knowledge when associating with younger racially diverse males. Most of them call me pops. :)

      Off the side, do you think doing away with the welfare program, as it was established, is helping to alleviate this social disorder and is creating a stronger, more patriarchal family system in these families today?
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      Sep 18 2012: Connor Gracie: what you describe is neither patriarchial or matriarchial, instead you describe family dysfunctionality, or the breakdown of the family group, brought about by the contemporary urban environment and the extreme stress it places on each individual.

      The male, is often more socially mobile, therefore he may exit out of the stress. The female, if she is attached to her children, or the welfare cheque associated with them, cannot. Its the system that promotes this dysfunction.

      In fact, anthropologically speaking, the monogamous human male/female relationship first began as a collaboration between the (mostly but not totally )male bachelor hunter groups and the (mostly but not totally) female gatherer groups. The female group provided about sixty percent of the nutrition and it was a more stable source of nutrients too. She also developed, we believe, knowledge of plants and sowing, harvesting and propagation, while knowledge of animals probably developed among the men. The point is, our story between the sexes has always been one of collaboration for mutual benefit.

      What exists today, is often a story of the breakdown of the happy relationship as we descend further and further into the capitalist maw.
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        Sep 19 2012: Joanne, in reply to "capitalist maw", do you suggest that capitalism has some influence in this idea?

        When I read your post, it suggests, to me, that the methods of obtaining substance was once mutual and now, because of the way we have developed "capitalism" trade, the suffering in ancient times, which produced this mutual connection has been eroded by capitalism.
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          Sep 19 2012: Hi John, re this 'do you suggest that capitalism has some influence in this idea?'. yes I do suggest this, but perhaps we should steer clear of this loaded term as it can cause metaphorical blindness.

          If we replace 'capitalism' with the word 'exploitation' or better still the word 'ownership', and the implications of violent control of resources therein, we might evolve a better understanding of the priniciples we are unravelling for discussion.
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        Sep 19 2012: hu oh..... you never should have let David and Obey see that post. :)
        I get the message..... you can delete it now:

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