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Would a Matriarchal Society offer a better shot at developing a world of Peace and Harmony?

Men have ruled the world since the dawn of time. Only in very limited situations have women ruled over men and called all the shots.

Would it change the world in a more meaningful way if women only were allowed to be leaders in a country? In essence, I saying what if men and women changed roles in today's world? Would it create a better opportunity to create a world of peace and harmony?

If the roles of men and women were exchanged, except for giving birth to children, would it be possible that they could create a better world for humans to live and prosper? I don't mean that the role of feminism and masculinity should be exchanged. I'm asking what if there were no Kings, just Queens.

Please no Cuss Words or inflammatory remarks made about other peoples religions.
Thank you.


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  • Sep 13 2012: Well I'm from Argentina, and our president is a woman. I can say because of what i see that it makes no difference if the president is female or male.
    Our president and a media group (clarin) have opposite interests, and they have divided people into followers of the president's party and followers of the media group. Any site or place with politics-related content, is flooded with insults and that kind of things.

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