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Should we limit our use of cellphones, internet and TV to get back our mental peace?

Internet, cell phones and TV are great means of communication and information. However we as humans are becoming their slaves. A short essay on what can and should be done is at. http://www.nariphaltan.org/cellphone.pdf

Thoughts, debate and suggestions are welcome.


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  • Sep 10 2012: The key to life is moderation. You can over do or under do anything. Self control. I personally embrace new and existing technologies. Peace of mind ( mental peace ) is a different can of worms. I have learned in my 50 plus years of experience that to achieve " mental peace " there are for me a few things that I had to do. Make peace with my past was one. I have a saying to explain what I mean. The past has already happened you cannot change it. Only learn from it. The future has to many variables. So in a sense all anyone has is right now. And what we do right now in some ways shape our future. If your motives are honorable and you know that you are doing your very best and looking at life in the proper prospective , Peace of mind " Mental Peace " is doable with knowledge, self control and purpose.
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      Sep 11 2012: Yes moderation is the key word. How do you teach that to youngsters? That is the biggest challenge. That will happen when the older generation also follows moderation and then teach the youngsters by their examples. Too often it has been seen that young mothers put their children in front of TV as pacifiers. Right from beginning if children are taught to read books and get into the reading habit then they will be less distracted by electronic information. Well that is the dream.

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        Sep 14 2012: I think I may be able to answer this in part. I teach pre-service educators about technology use. Recently, I've added a component about removing yourself from the technology. We discuss ways to schedule this time and how to reflect on its impact to one's mood. If we are able to launch a new education program on technology and innovation here, this will be one of the key components. Hopefully by educating new teachers about the importance of sabbatical, they will come to value this and teach it in their own classrooms.
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          Sep 20 2012: Amy, I partially agree. Sabbatical is very important, but removing ourselves from technology may be close to utopia, I think. What about teach a right and adequate use of it? But your proposal is very interesting, of course.

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