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Should we limit our use of cellphones, internet and TV to get back our mental peace?

Internet, cell phones and TV are great means of communication and information. However we as humans are becoming their slaves. A short essay on what can and should be done is at. http://www.nariphaltan.org/cellphone.pdf

Thoughts, debate and suggestions are welcome.


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    Sep 14 2012: I wrote a TED debate on this a short while ago because I think our use of technology and what technology provides is gratuitous and is causing our minds to shrink in fundamental areas, and is decreasing mental constitution, therefore increasing mental illness including depression, anxiety and the ability to interact socially (face-to-face).
    • Sep 25 2012: so true... honestly, i am 15 but i really have to do a tedtalk to tell it in front of an audience .. and i think this is a good idea to talk about, but i have no time and my mind is blank so whoever you are, can you please help me in doing one??

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