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To visualize in realtime death and birth on earth

I imagine that every birth is register in the world and death too (most of it)... visualizaton of the planes make me thought of a song from the "Cowboy fringuants" (a group from Quebec) called "les etoiles filantes". In this song they compare our life to falling stars... I can imagine that we could have a glimpse on surpopulation and also on fragility of life


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    Sep 7 2012: If we can artificially create a new solar system ourselves, we can create a new planet with new life, and they would all be recorded in our super advanced massive real-time database that updates itself.

    Not sure if we could do that with our own planet.
    • Sep 8 2012: Maybe not in the whole world but each country could do it separately because they have the information (like Aaron project where every frame of a film has been painted by an individual...).
      The idea is really to get the picture of wars, epidemic, disasters, road accident... hospitals... where lives finish and start too. The way it evolve... how do we grow to 8 billions ?

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