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To visualize in realtime death and birth on earth

I imagine that every birth is register in the world and death too (most of it)... visualizaton of the planes make me thought of a song from the "Cowboy fringuants" (a group from Quebec) called "les etoiles filantes". In this song they compare our life to falling stars... I can imagine that we could have a glimpse on surpopulation and also on fragility of life

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    Sep 9 2012: I once had a prog before the age of the app that just had a map of the planet that once connected to the net updated itself on births/deaths and represented itself as little flashes of green and red across the map,of course it wasn't realtime,i think it was two weeks behind and fuzzy,very sobering.

    I can't remember what it was called.
  • Sep 8 2012: I now sort of catch the moment - However, this can easily become religious. That is neither good nor bad.
    • Sep 8 2012: You think so ? How do you think is can become religious ?
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    Sep 7 2012: If we can artificially create a new solar system ourselves, we can create a new planet with new life, and they would all be recorded in our super advanced massive real-time database that updates itself.

    Not sure if we could do that with our own planet.
    • Sep 8 2012: Maybe not in the whole world but each country could do it separately because they have the information (like Aaron project where every frame of a film has been painted by an individual...).
      The idea is really to get the picture of wars, epidemic, disasters, road accident... hospitals... where lives finish and start too. The way it evolve... how do we grow to 8 billions ?
  • Sep 7 2012: "Imagine that" is a magical phrase. If one soes self-hypnosis one can go in many ways with this thought. Maybe this concept shows more symmetry than is possible in a world whose population is rapidly passing through seven billion. What do you want, where do you want to go, etc. etc. I believe that you can add some variables to what you are imagining. Then maybe I missed completely your point.
    • Sep 7 2012: When you look at the animation of planes flying all over the world in Aaron project, you have a clear representation of the human activity. It's beautiful but it's not just that... we all know that there are planes in the sky but how much the world is affected by it, when and where... by seen it we have the sensation that we can touch it, affect it.
      With the same principle, we know that people on earth are starting their life and some are finishing it but how, where and when ? It's more than human activity it's Humans on earth... we need sometime that sort of representation to have the feeling that we can understand the paterns in order to find a meaning of life.