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In this video he talks about different universes having different laws of physics. Could different Galaxies have different laws of physics?

When Brian Greene started to talk about the distance and how further out galaxies are moving faster/accelerating, this lead me to think could the laws of physics be different in those outer galaxies because they are moving faster? After all we only observe light from the past from those galaxies, no one has ever been to one, or had something from one come to earth. This last question, was only thought of because we perceive things differently when we are in space than on earth, ie. time in space as appose to time on earth. Am I wrong, has it been proven that our universe can agree on a common theory of laws of physics?


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  • Sep 7 2012: It just leads me to wonder how well we really know our galaxy let alone universe, expanding on to the multi-verse theory... Its a lot to awww at and wonder.

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