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Is technology progressing to quickly?

I keep hearing it every day. Technology is progressing faster than the user can keep up. What are your thoughts?


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    Sep 6 2012: If by "progressing" you mean contributing significantly to the solving of global problems we must glance at the world's problems 25 years ago and compare them to today's problems.1) Wars?2) Famine?3) Disease?4) Natural disasters?5) Man's inhumanity to Man?6) Hatred and prejudice?7) Deception and falsehood?I'd say the answer is "NO!"
    • Sep 12 2012: i like how you think but do u think the tech is not going to solve them but creates more problems then it solves
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        Sep 12 2012: I think there is a near total disconnect between technology and man's treatment of his fellow man. If trying to be benevolent I say technology aids in the progress of education, entertainment, industry, and health care. But in reality I see technology as irrelevant in mankind's efforts at social, ethical, and spiritual "progressing." The latest Iphone is being announced as we speak. . . and Libyians murdered 3 of our diplomats last night. I see no connection between runaway technology and progress in the human condition.

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