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Do people change?

As humans we evolved from, in a sense, animals. We all have animalistic characteristics in each and every one of us.

For example;
Raise a baby tiger from birth in a home, in civilization and teach it to be a calm and loving animal it will conform to learn to be as loving and as a obedient as a dog. When it is fully grown put the tiger back into its natural habitat and sooner then later its animal instincts of "killing" and "survival of the fetus" will emerge. It will go back to being who he is, what a tiger really is. No matter how long you teach the tiger to be loving and gentle once back it its innate environment something will trigger its true self to emerge.

Humans compared to animals have the ability to learn and evolve therefore could a human learn other ways and change or is who we are at birth pre-determined and will stay with us forever?


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  • Sep 6 2012: "If I cant evolve, there is no purpose in living"
    I very much agree with that quote since in fact we are humans and humans evolve.

    As physical appearance goes that has very little to do with you you are therefore it is quite easy to change physically which may also change how you feel about yourself resulting in perhaps, higher self-esteem and confidence.

    However is it correct to state that "your worldview crashed" is another way of saying the circumstances you lived by where faulted and therefore your environment changed as well, your views changed (how you see the world) etc...which then transformed you into an entirely different being?

    That is why I feel that us humans cannot just change BUT we may become different beings with different views and perceptions of the world when and solely when the circumstances and the environment around us is changed allowing what us humans do best, evolve and adapt. In this case you evolved and adapted to your new fact-based worldview.

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