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Do people change?

As humans we evolved from, in a sense, animals. We all have animalistic characteristics in each and every one of us.

For example;
Raise a baby tiger from birth in a home, in civilization and teach it to be a calm and loving animal it will conform to learn to be as loving and as a obedient as a dog. When it is fully grown put the tiger back into its natural habitat and sooner then later its animal instincts of "killing" and "survival of the fetus" will emerge. It will go back to being who he is, what a tiger really is. No matter how long you teach the tiger to be loving and gentle once back it its innate environment something will trigger its true self to emerge.

Humans compared to animals have the ability to learn and evolve therefore could a human learn other ways and change or is who we are at birth pre-determined and will stay with us forever?


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    Sep 6 2012: Yes people do cahnge...otherwise how we would able to land in the today's level of civilization ?.....aren't we more tolerant to diversity now compared to say even 2/3 decades before

    However it's a fact that though we know everything change except change itself....we are not receptive to change easilty..
    • Sep 6 2012: We adapted through evolution to be able to live in the futuristic generation we are in now compared to years before, so yes as humans we have changed ALTHOUGH at the same time, did we change or did the environment and circumstance around us change, not the human itself?

      I strongly believe that humans do not change but everything around us changes and we just simply adapt allowing evolution to take its course.

      In a science experiment for example you cannot measure something without having a controlled variable.
      We cannot say that humans are capable of change when everything around us is CONSTANTLY changing.

      Also to add as an example; if a convict is sent to prison for violent acts and is then taught in prison how to control himself and what is right and what is wrong then in that environment he will change, he may even change enough to be let out of prison and back in the world.
      If he stays in an environment where he is not tempted to commit violence then he will remain a changed man although if he, lets say, goes back to his hometown where all of the problems started then he is back in his environment where something could easily trigger his violent episodes then that person is right back to where he started off, a violent person. A unchanged man.
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        Sep 6 2012: Adaptation does not come without change.....
        Not sure what change you are focusing on.....is it physical change or psychological one?

        Change of psyche in some people may be very difficult....but in society lot of change we brought froward....for those people who are reluctant to cahnge as you described in your prison example...we have law....who brought those laws ?

        Human being again...is it not?

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