Siddhesh Kabe

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We did not progress since man invented fire, because we tried to control the ever expanding universe.

We all leave in a objective world. The focus on objective truth is important to progress. But then we lose focus in the quest to succeed. What once began with a simple need to see in dark, turned into a lust into controlling the world. What the world now needs is one hell of a laugh. Just it should laugh about it.

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    Mar 21 2011: I'm not sure that this premise is true and I will give a small example. I have a set of twins. They had the advantage of the same womb and same parents, nutrition, etc. From their earliest times one was an explorer and the other was far more of a person who stayed put and worked out how things worked. Together they were unstoppable. Curiousity drove them both. I cannot really see that they were trying to control the world -just understand it.
    To your salient point- they sure did make me laugh.