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Why isn't there a "brain" olympics?

Every four years the world gathers to have competition of the physical variety. Why isn't there a competition of the intellectual variety? You know, brain decathlons, spelling bees, reasoning capability contests....

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    Sep 7 2012: Because, you can't have sex with a brain?
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    Sep 6 2012: Here are links to some of the many international olympiads of an intellectual variety, including math, each of the sciences, linguistics, philosophy, and so forth: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Science_Olympiad

    Coincidentally I have known competitiors on the US teams that competed in the chemistry, physics, and linguistics olympiads.
    These olympiads are aimed at high school students.Spelling contests would be difficult in international competition because of language differences.

    Judging in these sorts of olympiads is time consuming and involves special skills, so they are probably best organized as they are, in different cities around the globe at different times rather than all at one location simultaneously.
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      Sep 6 2012: Awesome. Too bad there's nothing televised or is there a channel or particular news media for them?
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    Gail .

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    Sep 6 2012: Who would be the judges and who the contestants? As the system became more perfected, the very best would be competing. When it came to reasoning ability, you would come to a significant obstacle. If the contestants know more than the judges, how can a judge, judge fairly?

    Today, what most people call logic isn't very logical.
  • Sep 6 2012: There is, ait;s called graduate school`.
  • Sep 6 2012: :_) Too many hurdles!
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    Sep 6 2012: All one could televise in these sorts of events would be award ceremonies. Work is submitted in pages of writing and evaluated by points.
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    Sep 6 2012: International Math Olympiad, International Science olympiad (bio phys chem plus others) since the early 60s
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    Sep 5 2012: There should definitely be brain special olympics.