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How do you feel about God, as a creator of the universe, the world, and man?

When I was a child, growing up in the United States, I was surrounded by Christian ideals. It was in the schools, in my neighborhood and in my family. Saying the prayer “Now I lay me down to sleep...”, gave me much comfort and helped to suppress my fears of the monsters that inhabit the imagination of all children.

As I grew older, I observed that the idealism of Christianity was hard for most people to incorporated into their day to day lives but most people tried, in varying degrees ,to accomplish it anyway. I also noticed that other Religions were allowed but suppressed and not allowed to be practiced in school.

Eventually it became a big issue with all the Citizens of my country After much debate, the ability of Religion to reach out to all Citizens of my country and shape the minds of it's inhabitants was removed from schools and it's influence is slowly being removed from all venues closely associated with our government.

The debate about Religion has not died down, however. It follows every path of communication created by technology. In some countries, it is intensely intertwined with the government and serves as the model for their citizens to find resolution in their day to day lives.

Religion is a big issue to many people and while many claim to be spiritual, not all believe in a God, a creator of the world and man.

If you could state concisely how you feel about your Religion in just two or three sentences, without mentioning anything about any other religion, what would you say to help others understand your belief that God exists while avoiding the temptation to preach about it.

I would like to avoid debate on the issue and that is why I ask a question instead of a debate.


Closing Statement from John Moonstroller

God is a symbol of the unknowable to those without direct experience of God, but to those who have come into contact with God, God is very real.

I have a simply hypothesis concerning reality:

Nothing can come from nothing, e.g if in the beginning there was nothing, there would be nothing still.
Therefore, something has always existed, this thing we call reality. If it has always existed, then it has to be eternal and infinite. There is no other explanation.

Some say that God does not exist because science implies this fact. Science can only describe the knowable. When the knowable become unknowable, science is at the end of it’s application.

Many people don’t believe in miracles (things that defy explanation by scientific principles) because they have never personally experienced them Yet, well in the past, people have written down events that took place that match the description of a miracle. We weren’t there so we can’t disprove these events. But, we are here and the fact we, or anything exists is a miracle.

People alive to day also make claims they experienced miracles. I have seen a type of miracle myself not once but twice and an NDE experience also. It’s hard for me to say these things did not happen, in fact, it’s impossible for me to deny them. So, I am stuck with this knowledge whether anyone believes me or not.

I am stuck here: how can something come from nothing? My conclusion is that there never was a time when nothing existed. Something has always existed and will continue to do so because if eternity is a continuum without beginning or end, it is the state of nothingness that never existed. And still, science as we know it is preserved.

I’ve enjoyed the comments.

John Moonstroller

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  • Oct 3 2012: If God created mankind and the planet on which we live, then what I would like to know is why he would need to create a universe as large as it is. It doesn't make any sense that a God would go to the effort of creating billions of galaxies each with billions of stars? More importantly, what has he been up to since creation?
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      Oct 3 2012: He's been busy.... Come back tomorrow.
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      Oct 5 2012: Building a Universe is easy. First you build one proton and one electron. Make multiple copies of the atom. Put them in a giant compressor and compress the atoms until they reach an infinitely hot temperature.

      After the compression stage, release the pressure switch and stand back. The result will be an entire Universe after some time has past by.

      Do not do this at home. Creating a Universe requires some expertise, not normally found in the average human being.

      The reason most Universes are so large is because they are easy to make and making them can be fun.

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