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Let’s write a TED letter!

Dear Barbie, I'm so sorry… It wasn't intentional. I just had to open the door, and unfortunately, you were right under the door. When my sister asked me what had happened to your neck, I lied to her(at first). "Why is Barbie's neck so stiff? She can’t even nod!" "Sweetie, from now on, she's not gonna nod at you. She just figured that it wouldn’t be awesome to nod too often." Unfortunately, she was onto me. "Nonsense. How can a toy possibly think? Just tell me the truth." At that moment, I—hysterically--laughed for a while because she was being reasonable like an adult. Well, she was not that angry. Still, you look upset because you think she doesn’t care about you. That’s not true. She cares so much about you. It’s just….unlike me, she knows so many things at her age. When I was 8, I would fall for my cousin’s lie that my Teddy Bear can drink up my whole blood whenever I sleep with him. From that moment on, I never slept with Teddy because I was scared. Think about it, who do you think would be more reliable friend? Rest assured, you have such a smart and trustworthy friend. Nonetheless, I feel bad for you. When I was a kid, I believed that toys are alive after watching Toy Story . I truly cherished my toys, especially Barbie, just like you, as if she’s my best friend. I was her hairdresser. You would have heard “Oops”—a lot, actually--if you had been with me. Even though her hair style was messy because of me, she seemed so happy when she was with me. Unlike me, my sister doesn’t touch your hair not to ruin your appearance. “Being smart doesn’t make either one of us very happy”—suits season2 I wish I could go back when I was a kid, but now I know you’re just a toy, which means you’re neither alive nor special anymore. But.. not to worry. You seem arrogant now that your chin is up. You can no longer show your empathy when Mimi—your best friend lost her favorite shoes. Since you look like, “I’m not interested” no one would ever think that you’re lonely.

Closing Statement from Elizabeth Gu

Thanks for reading.
Sadly, not many TEDsters enjoyed this conversation.
But it was great :) (to me.... lol)

I'd keep writing a TED letter like this on my blog or just in my journal.
Thanks Lejan and James for your kind replies! :D

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    Sep 8 2012: Thank you for your TED letter, as it made me smile several times!
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    Sep 7 2012: Lol now that's cute, the idea/intention is in the right place.
    • Sep 8 2012: It was just for fun lol :)
      I just figured...writing a special letter to someone on this site would be wonderful.
      You know, in real life, we don't usually write a letter to someone since we think we don't really need to do such a thing.
      Instead, we use Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks.--it's far more convenient and easier.

      Thank you for your comment, anyway.
      You are the first person who added a comment here.
      Why is no one interested in writing a letter in this conversation? lol

      Must be boring.....ㅜ..ㅜ

      btw, wanna read your TED letter. lol
      If you were gonna write a letter to anyone, who would you choose to writer to?
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        Sep 8 2012: Well the idea is really personal, maybe a little too personal lol. For me, I never really needed to write letters to people, I just straight up talk with them.
        • Sep 8 2012: Fair enough lol

          thanks for your feedback
          anyway :)

          Can't it be general? lol