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Let's create an organization/startup that helps bring people's aspirations, such as these, to life.

It seems as though many people's dreams could be easily fulfilled by individuals and/or organizations around the world. What if there was a way to aggregate all of these "before I die" aspirations from everyday people around the world, and allow common people and even organization or groups to assist in fulfilling these dreams. It seems like it could be reasonably easy to accomplish. Perhaps the whole platform could take a lesson from kickstarter and similar companies, except with a different goal/purpose at its core. What does everyone think about this? Can we come together and globally crowd-source peoples life long dreams?


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  • Sep 8 2012: I say Yessssss! to this. It would fit the criteria for my lifelong dream to help create such an Internet experience that resulted in outcomes of fulfillment, benefit, and self-actualization for it's users. So I am in.

    With that I would like to list some criteria that I would like us to consider.

    1) Focus on educational dreams. - Personalize user experiences from educational goal through degree completion and professional transformation into the target career opportunity.

    2) Enable a smaller number of user dreams that pose the most extreme challenges. - Leverage cutting edge ICT and human augmentation technology to the maximum for each case. Each solution should move the dial forward in an exciting way around enabling human achievement.

    3) Partner heavily with leading technology and educational support communities, i.e. Gates foundation, TED U or one of the TED presenters, NGO's, Singularity U, etc.

    Let me know how these ideas sound, I'm completely open to input. - Joe

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