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Let's create an organization/startup that helps bring people's aspirations, such as these, to life.

It seems as though many people's dreams could be easily fulfilled by individuals and/or organizations around the world. What if there was a way to aggregate all of these "before I die" aspirations from everyday people around the world, and allow common people and even organization or groups to assist in fulfilling these dreams. It seems like it could be reasonably easy to accomplish. Perhaps the whole platform could take a lesson from kickstarter and similar companies, except with a different goal/purpose at its core. What does everyone think about this? Can we come together and globally crowd-source peoples life long dreams?


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  • Sep 7 2012: A brief look around the net shows there are a few 'Make-a-Wish' like organizations for adults, but all of the ones I found were strictly limited to adults with life threatening illnesses. I am glad to see organizations providing this opportunity, better late than never, but how can we help people experience their dreams in their prime? I like what could come of someone having the opportunity to experience their dreams and the people they would meet along the way, not to mention how rewarding it would be for the person providing a dream-like opportunity. Isn't this what life is about, coming together and bringing out the best in one another?

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