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Do MEN like to receive flowers from women?

I want to find out how men would react if his wife, girlfriend, other friends sends him flowers as a present. How do you think they will react?

  • Sep 5 2012: I think thats nice, anyhow i would prefer a flower/plant that cares most time of itself, like a cactus or something.
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    Sep 5 2012: I would appreciate the gesture, not the flowers.
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    Sep 4 2012: Most men would not. As a general stereotype, that also bears some truth... Men are more utilitarian than women. Aesthetic beauty often goes unappreciated by us, especially when faced with the economic costs.

    "Why'd you waste your money on that?" would be my brains instant reaction. I would then of course smile and say "Aww, that's sweet. I love you honey."
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    Sep 4 2012: If I am secure in my own "manlyness", then it won't bother me. If I place more importance in what my "guy friends" might think ("You got flowers???? HA HA HA !!! You Wimp !!!"), then I need to find new friends. It was an act of kindness from another person, and if it came from my girlfriend or wife...someone I loved...she should be more important to me than my ignorant friends.
  • Sep 4 2012: Some do. Some don't.
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    Sep 4 2012: I think the majority of us males seeing a bunch of flowers as a gift will honestly look at it as a curious "Umm?" moment.
    This is not to say that we won't accept them and be gracious and wonder at the back of our minds whether this is telling us something unless it is for a loved one recently passed away.

    If it was in the opening stages of the Yin/Yang dance then No! that's a big no no,i'm not your friend,it's my job to give these things called flowers and those brown things called chocolates,it's her job to make me work for her attention,nothings worth it if is'nt hard to get.

    If your gona give me flowers give me wild flower seeds then i would go out and plant wild flower beds to bring the little ones back amongst us.
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    Sep 4 2012: No.
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    Sep 4 2012: I guess it's better than NOTHING. NOTHING. EVER.
    • Sep 4 2012: Hi Gerald, thanks for your prompt reply. My concern is what their reactions might be? What is the message they will receive?. Thanks a lot
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        Sep 4 2012: Well, seriously, I'd appreciate some flowers. Something that looks nice and smells nice but isn't fattening. I'd really enjoy it if the flowers were craftfully arranged by the person offering them, if it told some story or encompassed poetically a fragment of nature.
        I don't care much about roses and crappy cards.
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      Sep 4 2012: "I guess it's better than NOTHING. NOTHING. EVER."


      Guess it really is the thought that counts...
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        Sep 4 2012: Women complaining that they hate receiving flowers have no idea of the world men live in.
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          Sep 4 2012: it's basically their way of saying "Try Harder Brah"