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Atheism: why do people don't believe in God?

My question to all atheists is that, why don't they believe in God? Can't they see His signs and can everything that happens on Earth happen by chance? If I don't believe in Allah, Jesus, Buddha or any other God, how can I live? I'll have no direction or paths.

Ok. I agree. There are somethings that we don't know about God, i.e. where did he came from but I believe there is a difference between the knowledge he possesses and we possess. If we'll get all that knowledge, what will be the difference between Him and us? There are numerous points where his knowledge is way better than ours.

If I don't believe in any God, then (I suppose) we are saying that everything that happens, happens by chance. What will be the purpose of living then? Other than living for the betterment of the people, is there any other reason for living? We already live in such chaotic conditions, so isn't it better to die in this case?

Now, I am not trying to hurt anyone's feelings (and if I have done that, I apologize from the depths of my heart) nor am I saying that atheists should die or have no reasons to live but I still find it difficult to NOT believe in God. Thank you.


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  • Sep 13 2012: Hello sir, I give you thanks in knowing that we can acknowledge each other as equals. As for that Sam Harris talk you I haven't yet seen it. I had read a lot of your comments on this debate while in class, and I enjoyed your point view and agreed with it. Science is a better way for people to understand whether or not there is an almighty being rather than people saying they feel a mere presence within them. As for those who have faith and religion, I don't dislike them for it because like you and I we have our own beliefs. But when comes to be questioned about it and how so many find us to be wrong, it irratates me.
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      • Sep 13 2012: The class I was at the time i wrote my first comment was my Technologies class, its a class in that it allows to study different branches of jobs and the technologies they use in order to proceed in the everyday tasks they do. As for my stand point on religion it was made up in my 10th grade year, my World History teacher gave us a 13 page report on 2 religions of our choice. I choose to do Norse Paganism and I don't remember the other. But after weeks of reading and learning about these two religions and many others, it dawned on me that religion isn't needed, its more of a way to express a group of beliefs. Even though I'm atheist now, I will still always have that day in my life were I may turn to faith and believe in a god but only at my will.

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