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Atheism: why do people don't believe in God?

My question to all atheists is that, why don't they believe in God? Can't they see His signs and can everything that happens on Earth happen by chance? If I don't believe in Allah, Jesus, Buddha or any other God, how can I live? I'll have no direction or paths.

Ok. I agree. There are somethings that we don't know about God, i.e. where did he came from but I believe there is a difference between the knowledge he possesses and we possess. If we'll get all that knowledge, what will be the difference between Him and us? There are numerous points where his knowledge is way better than ours.

If I don't believe in any God, then (I suppose) we are saying that everything that happens, happens by chance. What will be the purpose of living then? Other than living for the betterment of the people, is there any other reason for living? We already live in such chaotic conditions, so isn't it better to die in this case?

Now, I am not trying to hurt anyone's feelings (and if I have done that, I apologize from the depths of my heart) nor am I saying that atheists should die or have no reasons to live but I still find it difficult to NOT believe in God. Thank you.


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  • Sep 6 2012: There is no problem with God, it may or may not exist. Problem is with belief. E.g. Let say there is a Closed Box, and somebody come and say to you there a diamond in this box. And you start believing that there is diamond, then in your whole life you would really never know weather there was a diamond inside that box or not. So best way is to figure it out by yourself.
    Rather than getting involved in points about belief or disbelief. Believers will make there own points, dis believers will make there own point. But both will be really far away from reality. So rather than wasting time on proving weather it exist or not. Better way is to figure out. Some other types of belief created by some cowards saying you do not have capability to realize God.
    Go ahead, do meditations , prayers or whatever you feel. Figure out what is exactly God is. Once you know you can come back and tell to the world your experience. I would like to hear that experience of yours and that will be the truth(without any belief).
    I see your urge towards finding God, but do not kill it by any belief imposed by this world.
    Its very easy to die. Because belief has killed all the motivation of doing/figuring out anything. You believe and there is no search left. Once you have some task you would never think about death.

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