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How do we show the Governments around the world that they have become the very monsters they once sought to fight?

In an ideal world, the creation of Parliament was to stop a singular family Monarchy ruling over the entirety of a nation, so that a more "equal" governing method could be used to represent the needs of the people rather than the opinion of a single ruler.

However, all I see now is that Governments have ended up becoming just another Monarchy, creating class gaps, oppression and not working towards improving societies at all.

What can we do to show these Governments that they work for us, represent us, and are employed by us as public SERVANTS and not insidious rulers?


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    Sep 5 2012: @Random Chance

    But this is the thing, there's no such thing as Government. It's just more people doing jobs. How have we let that have so much control over us? How are we so easily distracted by mass-media and shiny products? At the end of the day, has anything actually changed since we first became Homo Sapiens? It just seems so logical that if Government isn't representing us, then they have no authority over us.

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