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I propose that we shift the paradigm of monetary consumerism to one of a GREAT life experience and achieve World Peace!

Like the game Monopoly, the goal in the game of life that the world is playing is: To acquire as much money and material wealth as possible.
The result of humanity playing this game is going to be our own extinction!

The NEW GAME is a paradigm where the goal is for everyone to have a great life experience!

World Peace is attainable!

Together, we can end monetary consumerism and begin living life by intelligent design. We can and will play a “new game” where the goal is to ensure a great life experience for everyone!

The New Game life experience is built on first understanding that Monetary Consumerism is at the root of most of the worlds problems. It is a game that enslaves humanity, stifles progress and benefits only a few. We fight wars because of this paradigm, we starve millions of people around the world every month, we waste limited resources, pollute our planet and destroy hope!
What we need to realize is that this “game” of monetary consumerism really is just a game and we don’t have to play this game. Humanity can simply change the game! Money is made up! You have only to look around you to see that the monetary consumerism system is not working very well even for those who cannot imagine any other way.

Banks are collapsing, virtually every country on earth is experiencing social unrest and most countries are so indebted that they have no hope of ever being financially sound again. Meanwhile, the earth itself is under severe climatic stress and we just keep consuming as if our resources will never run out.

There is only one word that describes our current way of life and that word is INSANE!

Humanity is at a crossroad and there is great HOPE! We now have the opportunity to play a whole New Game!

Read my book "The New Game (World Peace)" FREE http://thenewgame.org

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    W. Ying

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    Oct 2 2012: I think:

    Silly INVALID happiness is the origin of monetary consumerism.
    Quitting INVALID happiness will kill the monetary consumerism.

    It is easy to let people understand the silliness of INVALID happiness, and then stop the monetary consumerism. … human self-extinction.
    • Oct 2 2012: Yes, INVALID happiness is at the root of the problem.
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    Gail .

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    Sep 4 2012: OK. Read your book. I think that there is something that could help you sell the transition. But 2k characters are prohibitive. It's the same problem that I think Jacques missed when he introduced his Venus Project. He seems to have missed a few chapters, hence his statements that he can't build his ideal without money.

    We do create our own realities. It's just that too many don't know that so they are inadvertently creating realities where they are slaves. Learn how to manifest true desires. It's easy. This is the bridge.
    • Oct 2 2012: I agree that 2k characters may be "prohibitive". It is a start. It is my hope that the collective genius of people like you will complete what I have contributed.
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    Oct 2 2012: it still need a lot to do .and it is a big event .how can we change it
    computerism is a good point . we are all locked on computer .then we may have a much more peace world
  • Sep 4 2012: Interesting perspective... Too bad that you have chosen to limit your exposure to new ideas in that way. Out of curiosity, what words would you use in their place?
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    Sep 4 2012: one thing is absolutely sure. i will never read a book from an author that uses the phrase "paradigm of monetary consumerism"
  • Sep 4 2012: I would like to learn more about your ideas. This book is designed to get people thinking and contributing their own genius. Can you post your ideas on my website: http://thenewgame.org so that we can get some volley going and begin building on the concepts?

    I am committed to the idea that we must get rid of monetary consumerism in order to have World Peace. How we get there is going to take a collaborative effort.