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CROP CIRCLES ! Can someone please tell me who or what is making corn circles / crop circles...??

The question needs no further explanation....

If you don't know what a crop circle is, then google it.

  • Sep 6 2012: Hi Ken,

    I cant say that I have any information on the "certified real unexplained crop circles"... no. The link I found below talks of 10,000 of them in the later part of the 20th century. That's a hell of a lot of corn circles! I can't say that I know of any "certifying agent" that has any control over them either. There are of course "hoaxters" ... people who try to copy them or make an effort to replicate them. They surely are of a more simple and primitive nature than the more "unexplained patterns" of more intricacy.

    The scientific explanation seems to go along the lines of a form of GPS, microwaves and lasers, although there is always a "maybe" included at the end of the theory.

    What really amazes me is that there is so little interest in them. You noticed how few people here on TED have taken part in this discussion. One would think that both scientist and layman would be very curious as to just who or what is making them.

    The complexity of their design is one thing. The speed that they are constructed in is another, always in the course of one night as well as in the dark.

    Furthermore, that the stems of the grain is not broken as would point to a mechanical process. It must be a form of light or heat energy that is at work here. .. .. and who has access to such technology?.. I ask myself. Why are they then "playing tricks" on us ... and for so many years ... and so secretly ....

    If one for a moment wanders away from the human activity model of explanation, the remaining alternatives are quite alarming. What would the consequences be if the U.S. govn. quite clearly stated that corn circles are not man made? If they said "Yes, we have observed them being made and we have no explanation for them. Of course the govn. must be watching with observation satellites..... don't you think ...?

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    Sep 6 2012: Daniel

    Do you know how many certified real unexplained crop circles that have been found in say? the last 7 years? A link would be cool but your own input would be much preferred.
  • Sep 5 2012: Ed,

    Realizing that your just making fun Ed, I don't have much to comment on.

    Do you have anything serious to say about the phenomenon?
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    Sep 4 2012: Be patient Mr. Hehir. If we all keep our tin foil hats on the answer may be just around the corner. Cerealogists (those who study crop circles) have organized all the known theories about Agriglyphs (crop circles) from the 18th century woodcutting showing a "Mowing Devil", to the latest orbiting man-made satellite which uses an energy beam to draw stuff in the farmer's fields. Soon this may all become real Science and then we will be told for sure what's up.
    • Sep 4 2012: Hi Edward,

      What do you think is up Ed? .. Any suggestions?
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        Sep 4 2012: It's a bit early to be sure, Daniel, but I think Mayan zombies are feasting freely on England's cereal crops. Their grazing procedure is precise in terms of sustainability to avoid needless trampling of biomatter. We may soon see fractal representations of messages intended to raise awareness regarding the looming threat of continental drift; Earth's shifting polar axis; and the spectre of galaxies colliding with one another. I'm thinking there is a tie between these agriglyphs and global warming. Circles+Crops+Curious+Cereal+Cymatics . . . all beginning with the letter "C". Hmmmm. Crazy.
  • Sep 4 2012: Gerald,

    I don't think its aliens. I think it could be human design. I think it could be a form of microwave energy projected from a satellite or a very low flying, very controlled aircraft with a type of laser that manages to bend the stem of the grain. I can't quite imagine how it could eventually fly with such precision though. I would guess that only the U.S. govn. would have such technology. Perhaps Russian govn. too. That is one explanation. The man made explanation. Even on the "skeptics" net sites they always leave a little comment like "most of the crop circles" are man made ... the never say "all" ... Of course anyone could make a primitive crop circle with planks and ropes ... but really, when one tries to imagine the work and precision that has gone into them, and then try to explain the radio active elements that they find in residue the day after, it all points to some very advanced technology at least. And the fact that the stem of the plant is not broken. It's bent over.
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      Sep 4 2012: Then why choose britain to concentrate the majority of them?It's to be expected that a group of people will want to copy cat from the originals,a sort of groupie effect and normal human curiosity to see whether they could do better.
      • Sep 4 2012: Ken,

        I still don't find the "plank and rope" theory at all plausible. If anyone would like to be a copy cat, they would have to have access to the advanced technology required to make such a complicated pattern... As the stem of the grain is also bent and not broken, it points in the direction of a type of laser beam or the like. The other aspect of this theory is of course the copy cats would need some sort of hovercraft to fly above the field. Also something that could fly with extreme precision in highly complex patterns.... don't you agree ?

        If the English military (or some private person) does indeed have this technology then perhaps it might explain the fact that is mostly a "local" phenomenon in England. I have also heard of crop circles in Italy, Norway, and the U.S. I don't know how advanced those crop circles are so they could be done by the plank and rope method for all I know.
  • Sep 4 2012: Only James Randi the Skeptic would try to say that crop circles were made with planks and ropes....

    Just look at the link below. There is no way in the world anyone could do this with planks and ropes ...

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    Sep 4 2012: It began in England in 1979 and then grew popular worldwide. The geometrical figures are improving with time as people push the limits of what can be done with ropes and planks.
    Many people believe in the extraterrestrial interpretation of these. Mostly because they believe 'experts' who say the crop circles are beyond human technology's scope.
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    Sep 4 2012: Now this is from the Scatterbrain aspect of myself but whatever is out there is waiting.
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    Sep 4 2012: I'm sure it's not just crops,i can't remember where but i read of tops of tree's have been found bent in the same fashion,have you any latest data on the supposed phenomena Daniel?
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    Sep 4 2012: Due to the complexity of the crop circles made, it's pretty extraordinary stuff. I think humans are extra-terrestrial by nature so who knows...
    • Sep 4 2012: Hi Luke,

      Yes, extraordinary indeed!

      To me, there can be various possibilities. Which one is most plausible is a mystery.

      Some talk of "extra-terrestrials" ... or.... if we first allow ourselves to go into an immaterial explanation, we can perhaps begin to talk of "higher beings" such as angels .... or .... "lower beings" such as elementals...

      The fact that the stem on the individual corn is not broken points to a "non-mechanical" influence. It must be a light or some other "force" as some might call it. A vibration / sound force perhaps.... I am forcing myself to search for all possible explanations....
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    Sep 3 2012: If you do an internet search you will find that many have been the work of people perpetuating a hoax. There seems some evidence that animals have made them as well, though not intentionally, by running in circles.

    You will get a quick snap shot on this subject at Wikipedia, which you can then verify by following up with the sources they provide.
    • Sep 4 2012: Fritzie,

      I, of course have read, seen, researched the phenomenon. Everyone can see that these circles / forms / patterns are far too complex to say that any human being could make them, at least not from the surface of the cornfield. ... and in any case not an animal. The only way I can see the possibility of crop circles being made by humans is by some high technological device, from a higher point above... possibly a satellite with some form of laser, a light force of some kind perhaps. Mechanically steered. There is no way that these are made "free hand" by any human hand.