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CROP CIRCLES ! Can someone please tell me who or what is making corn circles / crop circles...??

The question needs no further explanation....

If you don't know what a crop circle is, then google it.


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    Sep 4 2012: Due to the complexity of the crop circles made, it's pretty extraordinary stuff. I think humans are extra-terrestrial by nature so who knows...
    • Sep 4 2012: Hi Luke,

      Yes, extraordinary indeed!

      To me, there can be various possibilities. Which one is most plausible is a mystery.

      Some talk of "extra-terrestrials" ... or.... if we first allow ourselves to go into an immaterial explanation, we can perhaps begin to talk of "higher beings" such as angels .... or .... "lower beings" such as elementals...

      The fact that the stem on the individual corn is not broken points to a "non-mechanical" influence. It must be a light or some other "force" as some might call it. A vibration / sound force perhaps.... I am forcing myself to search for all possible explanations....

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