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A wish VS a charity or both?

Since I've started to money of my own right now, I can now buy things whom I could've only thought of buying. Perhaps the biggest wish of my life has been to buy a smartphone but that wasn't possible until now. Problem is I've only got $250 right now in my pocket so what should I do in this case? The thing is I love charity as much as I love smartphones(to be honest a bit less than phones) but I can't my 'lifetime wish' either. There is a third option: to do both, i.e to buy a cheaper smartphone and give the remaining money to charity. I need YOUR help to work out this seemingly impossible issue.

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    Sep 4 2012: That's the downside of our culture. We no longer own objects. We buy products.
    I really wish you could buy a smartphone from someone building them in the street, and thus support his hard work. But you can't. And it feels like your money is just being sucked up by the system. You often end up with crap in your hands, and end up making someone with bad taste quite rich.
    But that's how it works.

    So here's my conclusion. Either you desperately need this smartphone (and are not just being bullied by peer-pressure and publicity) in which case you should buy it. Or you can look around you and buy something artfull and unique while putting money in the pockets of someone who needs it.
    Where I live, handicraft is a privilege for very wealthy people. My laptop is cheaper than a unique chair. But if I had money, I'd spend it on people instead of corporations, objects instead of products.
  • Sep 4 2012: Arthur, I think I have an alternative view about charity. Let me share with you an encounter. One day someone asked me to do some charity and I asked him how can I fulfill this task which I believe is one of the tasks most people would wanna perform in their lives ? He said, well you can contribute to a charity or do so charity work at the old folks home, spastic centre etc. I then asked, do I need to do this before I can be seen to be doing charity work? My belief is no.

    The word "charity" means to help people in need, whatever the need may be. So I believe that by us interacting with other people and animals etc and by so doing bring about a better lives for these beings we are already performing work of charity. So if you ask me, you can proceed to buy your smartphone and can still carry out your charity work eg., advising your younger brother to be kinder to his neighbour for example. If we think of charity in this way, it will certainly create a better world and the best of all, everyone can play a part immediately