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Unlearn activity

Somehow due to our life style and the culture, our mind have developed the habit of getting involved in activities. Mind will think that we will get bored if we do not do anything so it makes us to always be involved in different things. Even if we are in toilet we want a magazine, news paper or an iPod. Do not be so afraid of boredom. “Boredom is a concept devised by your mind to keep you engaged in some activity or other”. Do not be afraid let yourself go in a stage where you are doing inactivity. I would not tell how would you feel when you do not do anything, go and realize yourself. You will calm down and enjoy over there.You will be in sync with this nature. Like trees , rivers are enjoying. Slowly slowly you can unlearn the process of mind of doing activity all the time.

Mind has made a tendency to perform an activity always. Either in mind or outside. And the outcome of the activity will decide weather you will laugh or cry. Noooo this is the worst way of being happy or sad. Do not do anything. Recharge yourself with inactivity. You should know all the good things in life only come from inactivity. Most of the scientist have got the ideas, to proceed , in deep sleep where there is total inactivity.

what say about this thought ?


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  • Sep 6 2012: Yes I agree with your point. Its like music. There should be silence in between different instruments. The different types of silences makes different types of Songs. Similarly there should be inactivity between every activity to have life like a beautiful and different creative songs.

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