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Is Nationalism a 21st Century Ethic - Isn't Nationalism more like Racism or Sexism than Patriotism?

Everywhere you look there are stories, articles, and studies showing a growing trend of 'global minded' citizens all around the world. We hear talk of the 'international community' in everyday articles about wars, embargos and conflict as well as arts and culture. Most know that our modern economy is highly interdependent and have come to terms with the realization that what happens in another country affects their domestic policy and the ordinary lives of their citizens. Why then is nationalism so common, among an already global world where everyday life is dictated more by what occurs in foreign countries than the people around you. From clothes, to food, to music and movies, to automobiles and gas can we afford to be nationalist any longer?

It seems that nationalism is very much like racism or sexism when your on the receiving end of the hostility and brutality it creates. People despising you just for existing or being born somewhere, something you cannot change, and even though we may be able to change our nationality (those of us who are wealthy enough) we must pick one, and any choice carries with it a long host of problems. In a global world shouldn't there be more space for global citizens, for people who don't want to listen to politicians rally against foreigners to scapegoat their policies and problems, or commit to other xenophobic tendencies.

The idea that one can be a nationalist and fair and balanced to other nations and peoples is very much based on the outdated and unjust idea of "separate but equal'. Which as we all know from history and everyday life never occurs and is merely a sweet way of asking to keep things the same, often said by those from the wealthiest and most privileged backgrounds in their respective nations.

To commit to a nation is to prioritize one country, one people, over 190 others, which means no matter who you are or where you are, you automatically care less about the majority of humanity. There is another way, right?


Closing Statement from Levi LCL

Thanks everyone for participating in a lively debate on nationalism, and the rise of supranationalism in the 21st century as a practical solution and identity to the global social problems we face.

Due to the breadth of replies, I suggest those who are still interested in arguing this case continue, and join 'The Universal Party' on Facebook - A platform of universal values aimed at creating a global political movement that rallies supranationalism and applies it to the world stage.

We are the first truly global generation and the 21st century belongs to us. Thus lets continue this debate.


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  • Sep 24 2012: Nationalism, oh a word i hate so very much, well to me its stupid we r seperated from everyone else we r in our countryd thinkin we r better then them and we r stronger when reslly we r all just a bunch of dumb asses fighting for shit yeah like america my great country its so free we have so much freedom yet a person can go kill someone and get away but get put in jail for smoken a blunt, other countrys say oh we r men we rule the women, others say, lets keep war going and not try to help shit...wish we new how many people r actually dieing for nothing just for freedom that we could have for free .... but no . i think we should all stop being followers and make some revolution. only resson the world is like this is cuz we dont do anything about it only thing the president cares for is gay rights. I hate being called part of this nation not to sound so bitchy but it used to be a goood nation but then some how it came to this.... then nationalism u get all these fights about race ,sex, and a lot of dumb shit people dont honestly care about they just want to sound right and so much education so little smart people ....WTF!! -_- STOP MAKEN US YOUNG PPL GO TO SO MUCH SCHOOL half the ppl out there r fucking rich and havent done shit!..... i wish i was not even human and if u spent time reading this then wow u waisted a while of ur life cuz no one will listen to anyone that isnt old and blind why cant the young nation have a choice in our future yall r going to be dead! we need a say! and so manypeople r gunna read this and say omg look at how un educated this girl is... well heres what i say.... i didnt ask for ur comment thanks for paying attention but do me a favor and fuck off... spelling and punctuation isnt going to get u the good things in life which come completely free and our natioinalism put a price on it now days .....we can stand against it. but i doubt anyone would try besides me
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      Sep 24 2012: You have more people in your corner, and thinking just like you do, than you may realize. Your anger is justified, in my humble opinion. Speaking now from my own personal and past expeience, it is time to own the reasons you are upset, redirect your anger and focus on what if any future we have left before us. We have to do this if we are to make a better world for our children that are on their way. From my past, I will share with you that my unleashed anger took from me several years of freedom, giving to me incarceration due to my own choice to abuse illegal drugs in a failed effort to self-medicate. Sometimes you anger seems directed at your allies, like myself, who could not agree with you and your sentiments more strongly. Channel that anger kilani, and let us do something for the future and become people who are able to love themselves for the ground we stood. your ally, Tim
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        Sep 24 2012: Many stand.
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          Sep 26 2012: thanks Levi, you and others like yourself give me confidence to stand and think deeper than we were taught. And your right, our sharing will help others rethink, or begin to think about all that we all have shared today. may it give them strength to look deeper without feeling aloneor like a traitor. That is one of nationalisms most evil characteristic, when people think for themselves they have been taught to believe they are traitors and evil. many world leaders could not be happier about the subject consequences of thinking freely. Hope to hear more questions like this.
      • Sep 24 2012: Im not an angry person if i seem to be i just find it sad that people r so stuck in there own minds to try to exspress someone elses and understand it. People never have the exact same opinions. But that doesnt mean we should fight over that. And the freedom we have yeah sure its great but its comeing with a cost when we could have it for free and full. We dont have full freedom theres more to it that i think we havent understood because our generations have trys to block the thought out and yeah people stand but not really thinking it threw and yeah. The younger generation needs to have a voice.
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          Sep 26 2012: Hello kilani. Forgive me for assuming I knew anything about you when we have only met here at TED. My sub-conscious mind attempts to measure the whole of the world and its inhabitants from memories stored, it can be my own worst enemy, when really it only means to protect me. I assumed you're angry because of your choice of words, when I am angry, tired or frustrated, etc., etc., I use very harsh language. When I hear it, I check myself and try to understand why I am I speaking with such venom, so intellectually, when I hear similar talk I assume someone is mad as hell, like me. You have reminded me to try and listen with a heart equally strong as my mind, then I know, I will be more objective.
          I also remember , what I call shattered illusions, times in my life when I understood the planet was a much different place then the one I had hoped to be born into. People were not sharing in hopes and visions for each other, and many secretly hate another's success or happiness, sometimes, even family. These thoughts anger me, yet to this day. At times, I must retreat to sort it out. People wonder what has happened to me when they have not heard or seen me for awhile. All these years later and I remain to struggle against the anger, the same anger that fuels my positive, pro-social actions through out the other days. I t may sound psychotic, I understand, but this anger was unleashed for thirty years of my life, leaving a path of destruction, theirs and mine. I began to understand the story of the two dogs fighting within my chest, told to me by an elderly friend of mine. My Grandmother knew of this rage, and used to recite her dreams of my un-doing in an effort to help me through the struggle of owning the turmoil within my soul. The batle for the bragging rights between my heart and mind. I share this because my prejudice is due to me, not you. You are concerned and thinking, for that I thank you. The world may not heal, but I do acquire understanding
    • Sep 24 2012: Listen to the youth for they speak the truth. Rhymes aside, the feeling of entitlement is a great fan to our friend flame. Freedom has never been free that is why until now many find it hard to even find the words to describe it yet alone claim to have it in its entirety. Move forward my dear, that is the best advice this clueless adult can give you. Understand your anger and own it, use your words and solve the problem. Attitude is everything.
      • Sep 24 2012: Freedom should be free. How will anyone know until someone stands up and trys to make it free. The only reason its not is because generations b4 us and we continue to walk in the same way we should switch it up. War is how we get freedom? Thats not free not free isnt freedom we should be able to be one. Just wish presidency war and government didnt exist seperation would stop and fightwas not a solution.. sounds like an amazing life we could have
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          Sep 26 2012: You're right! Freedom should be free, and it is mind wash that tells us freedom is not free. I understand, today, there is no freedom living in civilized nations. Where ever there is organized religion, institutionalized education, and a legitimized government that takes liberty or freedom from anyone not infringing on the rights of others, or they may trick you into believing in ownership rights of earth, water, and minerals, then tax you annually for them and take them when your taxes are not paid, (is this truly ownership) then you are paying for your freedom, which means it is no longer free. Only some of the indigenous people around the world experience anything close to the freedom we speak of and we do not have to look very far back to see what happened to the native americans. We don't have to look back at all to see what is happening this day to tribal people all around the world. From the southern tip of south america to the farthest points north of canada and alaska, imperialistic conquest, manifest destiny has colonized it all, acquired our freedom for the price of a false sense of security. The lives, humans, animals, birds, fish, reptiles, insects, and spiders are bought and sold for the natural resources they own and occupy. Some think," It's too damn bad they were born on top of our oil!" (uranium, cobalt, etc., etc.) Aside from all of this, we have to remember, there could not have been a better time for us to be born, we are the help and answer we have been waiting on. The generations yet to come are counting on us to be where the ancients have foretold we would be waiting, with the strength and knowledge for a healthier earth kept safe in our hearts. There is ancient prophecy of the indigenous, several thousand years old which speaks of the days we live. Maybe, if you are interested, check out Rainbow Warrior Gathering, or Warriors of the Rainbow. It may help ease your mind, many are there who share your questions and desires
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          Sep 26 2012: kilani, one more thing. I had to smile when I read and re-read your statement and/or question,

          "War is how we get freedom?"

          I love it! I don't know how old you are and it doesn't matter, your insight inspires me. Many people who believe they are knowledgeable would tell you, "yes' we are fighting for our freedom, and spreading democracy." Wars are not fought to preserve freedom, in my humble and knowledgeable opinion, wars are fought to steal freedom and prop up fake democracies. In the next few years, we are going to hear and learn a lot about the many wars and thirty-+ invasions the u.s. has committed, the lies that led up to and the lies still perpetrated to this day in an effort to protect the guilty. Check out the new release at the bookstores by Juan Gonzales --"Harvest of Empire" The movie is soon to be released and we americans will know why I refer to this country as the united states of embarassment

          check out www.DemocracyNow,org

          If you have access to satellite tv, check out Free Speech TV channel 348 here on Direct TV, also Link TV on channel 375, also on Direct TV channel 375, great truthful programming, and as hard as it might be, as far as entertainment and cheap laughs go, quit watching cable and network news channels. I wish you the best and hope to hear more from you. You are welcome to e-mail me through TED's inhouse e-mai, anytimel. Tim
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      Sep 26 2012: "When the earth is sick and the animals are dying there will come a tribe of peoples from all cultures who believe in deeds not words who will restore the earth to her former beauty. This tribe will be known as the Warriors of the Rainbow."

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