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What is sexy and what does it mean?

Depending on the person or gender, there idea of what "sexy" means is different. So what is sexy, and what is not?


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  • Sep 5 2012: Personally I find the term "sexy" to have very little to do with appearance but with someones attitude and behavior since our appearance is brought out/changed from our personality/attitude.

    It is very often we see for a example a person that may or may not be "attractive" in the eyes of someone else although once the person gets to know more about the other (personality, attitude, knowledge, talents etc) his/her perception on the other's appearance (physical traits) may be changed and therefore the other suddenly becomes a beautiful person or "sexy" in this case.

    I also may add that I feel "sexy" is associated with a person who has a more edgy personality with an strong independent characteristic that evokes a sexy attitude.

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