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Rainbows 1 2 or 3?

It's a silly Question but with my cities changing weather and rather unique geology i have noticed that there is a lot of double and triple rainbows popping up.more than usual,the thing is is that i've also seen 1/5th rainbows suspended in the air and a 1/4 arc rainbow that if it was full would encircle the sun,now multiple rainbows are a common occurrence here in NZ,wait til you drive between a double though we all understand the science,driving between two without losing their perspectives was an amazing experience,sadly no pot of gold and old Yosemite Mountain Bear would be stunned with the amount that we get.

Now here's the question,How has changing weather changed visually for you?

Beautiful cloud formations? or the clouds don't come anymore?

Silent heralds.

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    Sep 3 2012: I moved to where I currently live from another part of the country. The first winter here we had 82 inches of snow. I could not believe how many people around here did not know how to drive in snow! It's Wisconsin! Then someone told me they had not had significant snowfall like that in 15 years. So an entire generation of people did not know how to drive in snow. There has been significant snow every winter since i got here.

    That being said, I get to see those rainbows every spring:) I understand the awe and beauty. I drive east home from work and the sun setting at my back with scattered rain showers can be stunning!