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We are all mortal. We all grow old. What do you think about that?

If you are old you probable have a lot to say about living and can summarize many things you've learned in life.

If you're young, you probably have many questions you'd like to ask someone about what it's like to grow old.

If you could only ask one question, or give only one piece of advice, what would it be?


Closing Statement from John Moonstroller

Once I was strong and boastful. The oceans were a pond to leap over; mountains were a hill I had to cross to get to where I was going. I've flown like a bird, swam like a fish and danced with death many times. Now I'm weak and frail and await my end. "It's not fair", I thought to learn so much, to understand so many things and loose it all in the end.
Where is the justice in that? There has to be something I missed.

This is a video that Juliette Zahn posted on my TED question. The person in this video, Nick Vajikic sums up how we should all feel about life.
He says,
"It's a lie to think that your not good enough.",
"It's a lie to think that your not worth anything".


After watching this video The feelings of weakness left. Now I feel I have much to do and "...miles to go before I sleep."

Considering how inhuman some people can be, growing old is the only way to insure that tyranny, injustice, and evil does not, forever, inhabit this world. We should embrace growing old and give it the respect it deserves. Growing old and dying is a process that insures that life itself will never end.

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  • Sep 12 2012: Each persons life is different baised on where they live and what they experience in their life so some of your questions will be answered by a person that all ready has liven a life but most of it is unknown because each generation is different from that last and it is moving even fast with the introduction to technology so each persons situations will be different and faced with different chalenges that the previous generation might not any concept about so what i think im trying to say that a older person with more experience then a younger person will be able to help in a general way. correct me if im wrong
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      Sep 12 2012: Sounds okay to me. The old can also learn from the young I might add. Playing with my grandchildren, I see many mistakes I may have made with their parents when they were young.

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