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A UFO lands in your home's garden with all it's lights on and the ramp descends. No one exits . Would you enter ? Why - Why Not

Sometimes I like to ask this question during the dessert course at dinner parties in our home. It's amazing how differently men and women answer; and how couples are surprised at what the other says; they learn more about each other.

This question seems to bring out the Core-Explorer in our personality - or not. The "Explorer" in us is something we don't normally share with others until our lifestyle needs it.

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    Lejan .

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    Sep 2 2012: How do I know that no one exit?

    Maybe they are already unfolding their data logging equipment in front of the ramp and I just can't see them?

    So first of all I would calm down and find myself something to defend myself with - just in case. Then I would take some high quality pictures and not those shaky blurry ones we get to see all the time. Here it definitely helps to have calmed down before hand... :o)

    I would then call in some of my friends for evidence reasons and while they arrive I would take a closer look - not to close - from the outside to turn as good as possible the UFO into a more or less ILO (Identified Landed Object)... :o)

    Assuming that I did not get evaporated all of the sudden by some bright energy beam, I would probably start talking into the door behind the ramp and this as friendly as it was possible to me under the given circumstances.

    If I was lucky and the ILO did not take off again until my friends arrived I would then discuss together what to do next and who to call for further investigations.

    And unless there are no signs of an emergency landing, I would not enter the vessel without invitation, as this was in accordance to the intergalactic rules of behaviour and good manners ... :o)
    • Sep 3 2012: Aha, finally, a not so silly human!

      Next time I crash land my intergalactic car I'll make sure to aim for your garden. ;)

      Don't worry about the bright energy beams! It's to sanitize you from any bacterium that will prove deadly to aliens like me, I don't really fancy coughing my lungs out like those bad aliens in war of the worlds you know? ;)

      And thanks for not entering my intergalactic car uninvited. I see a lot of unlocked cars in downtown San Francisco, but you don't see me entering each one, exploring their contents. ;)
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    Sep 2 2012: It's a red pill - blue pill type question like Neo had to answer in the Matrix. One road is uncertain and leads down the rabbit hole and the other is like playing an ostrich with its head in the sand with guns primed waiting and hoping for benign engagement. Take the road less travelled I say and step right in. You never know. Joseph Campbell once said that given a choice between a direct religious experience and a lecture about one, Americans would always choose the lecture.....choose the experience!
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    Gail .

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    Sep 2 2012: Curiosity may have killed the cat, but hasn't killed me yet.
  • Sep 4 2012: Is it yellow?
    'Cause I called a cab.
    So, yes, I would.
    It would be very hard to resist not taking a peek but before going anywhere I would really like to know their positions on some important subjects.

    But, I don't know if I would say, "I come in peace." If there is intelligence inside, I doubt very much they would believe that.

    Hope I would get to keep it!
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    Sep 4 2012: LOL ! husband really laughed when he read that NASA named the first mars rock they collected "ALH" = my (maiden name) initials ! ... he said it's definite now- they are coming back to pick me up any day now ! ... I was talking about "life in the Universe other than just us "when we were dating - we were 17yrs old - (many moons ago! ) )
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    Sep 4 2012: Jump on board!! And take a nice gift for my new friends to show I come in peace. What do you think aliens would like? A fruit basket? Milk and cookies?
  • Sep 3 2012: Yup! I'd walk right up the ramp & look for a door bell. Not finding one, I'd keep on walking up that ramp.
    have had many of my own ramps in life & every one was an adventure worth taking - good or bad- I learned something.
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    Sep 3 2012: In a heartbeat... Benefits of being single and childless, imho. I'm down for any interesting experience.
  • Sep 3 2012: iRobot makes the remotely controlled PackBot specifically for this purpose.
  • Sep 2 2012: I would definitely go in!
  • Sep 2 2012: I think i would wait if somebody or something comes out that ship or an attempt of communication is made. If none of this happens, that ship would appear like a trap to me. And i think that if nobody talks, those inside may be injured. So i probably would call police and ambulance to do their job.
  • Sep 2 2012: Now, if I was a human, I would say NOT, and run away in fear looking for the nearest person of authority.

    But since I'm not human, I would say YES, because that ship is my ride home to Alpha Centauri, and some silly human just ran away looking for the police, giving me a chance to run into my ship that I accidentally auto parked in some silly human's garden. ;)
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    Sep 2 2012: I'm a biker too, and my Sis-In-Law also thinks I'm stupid for engaging in such a "death wish" activity. So I can relate.

    But just like I ride with a $500 helmet and a $1000 riding suit with every piece of protective "armour" it can hold, I am cautious about any activity that presents potential downsides to it. I would no longer just walk up the ramp without more information about what I might be getting myself into, than I would enter a dark limo just because it pulled up next to me alongside the curb and opened the door. We teach our children not to get into cars with strangers, don't we?

    I would be highly curious about what I might find inside that UFO. I would really, really want to find out. But I'm kinda chicken sometimes too, based on a conflict between my curiosity and a want to survive unknown possibilities.

    I'm curious, Anne. What are the differences between the men's and women's answers you get? Is there a trend to them? If so, why? What reasons do they use to support their decisions?
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      Sep 2 2012: Hi Rick,

      The past answers, at our dinner parties / bbq's were 80% of women would walk or run up the ramp without hesitation and 95% of men would go no where near it.

      The women, in general, were starved for adventure of their own. Men were simply more practical and weighed all the potential problems; they enjoyed adventure in their lives already.

      Women normally seem to live their life for others first - putting their own needs on hold - they are instinctive caretakers ( genetic make up?) at heart and soul and likely give routinely give too much of themselves to family and their friends ; so they probably feel more 'starved' emotionally, from pursuing their 'own personal' adventures, interests. Women also feel in total control when they follow their instincts- ( MaMa Bear protecting her cubs instinct) ....if women felt danger of any kind they would Not approach the ramp / UFO

      Then there are the men and women who have curiosity running through their veins - they want to explore everything.

      When the life partners discuss their very different reactions to the question they gain more insight into each others life-dreams and concerns.

      I found this same thing happens when I introduce the subject of NDE's , life after life etc. Often the most unlikely people you think would chime in actually have the most profound stories.

      These conversations bond different business people- before the conversation at the dinner - they knew each other for years and worked on various projects here and there - But after the dinner, they spiritually-bonded in some way and began to seamlessly work together on deals- and they both gained more out of each deal, than they did previously.

      From the dinner: Everyone would leave very happy and uplifted.
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        Gail .

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        Sep 2 2012: What an interesting post. Thank you.
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        Sep 2 2012: Yes Anne that's a great post,considering it's in front of our faces just about everyday.
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          Sep 2 2012: ..sorry Ken - I don't get what you mean -
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        Sep 3 2012: Sorry

        This "The past answers, at our dinner parties / bbq's were 80% of women would walk or run up the ramp without hesitation and 95% of men would go no where near it."

        My family has been going through the generational change over in the last ten years and all my Aunties have after their periods of mourning have literally jumped on their bikes and "Poof" gone,zapping around the world with some strange energy,little frail women that puts me to shame and i never ever thought to ask them why.
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          Sep 3 2012: :) !!! ...Thanks so much for noting this Ken !
  • Sep 2 2012: Offer them cookies and milk and find out what they want. Then decide!
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    Sep 1 2012: I wouldn't hesitate. But these things always seem to happen to someone else.
  • Sep 1 2012: I am 62. At this point in my life, with the nest empty, I would get my wife and we would go up that ramp together.

    When we still had children at home, I would stay home, but I think my wife would have run up that ramp.

    Why? For me, curiosity. For my wife, curiosity and adventure, and a very optimistic attitude..
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    Sep 1 2012: I think of the Jewish high priests who had to go into the Holy of Holys annually to sacrifice to God. They had a rope tied round their ankle. If he was a bad boy & God struck him dead, then the lesser priests could remove the body without entering themselves.
    With or without rope, I think I would eventually go in. I am just as curious as the next guy. I am also a biker, which requires a degree of stupidity. I love to know how things work, this would be the ultimate. I'm in my 60's so am in injury time anyway; yes I would go for it.

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      Sep 1 2012: Thanks for your comments Peter ! made me really laugh re: " I am also a biker, which requires a degree of stupidity. " My husband is a passionate motorcycle rider too!
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        Sep 1 2012: Thanks Anne,
        In this TED website a degree isn't really enough; they really prefer a PHd in stupidity. I bet your husband would go for the UFO. Lol

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          Sep 2 2012: Hi Peter -
          Oh.. no - he would definitely not - he is very cautious - it upsets him that I would Run up the ramp! we've had great discussions about this.
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      Sep 1 2012: I think it was telling people that though your were a Levite and my chosen caretakers you were also transparent,i would walk up out of curiosity into the UFO but you would have to drag me in chains before i would go near the Ark.