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A UFO lands in your home's garden with all it's lights on and the ramp descends. No one exits . Would you enter ? Why - Why Not

Sometimes I like to ask this question during the dessert course at dinner parties in our home. It's amazing how differently men and women answer; and how couples are surprised at what the other says; they learn more about each other.

This question seems to bring out the Core-Explorer in our personality - or not. The "Explorer" in us is something we don't normally share with others until our lifestyle needs it.


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    Sep 4 2012: LOL ! .....my husband really laughed when he read that NASA named the first mars rock they collected "ALH" = my (maiden name) initials ! ... he said it's definite now- they are coming back to pick me up any day now ! ... I was talking about "life in the Universe other than just us "when we were dating - we were 17yrs old - (many moons ago! ) ) http://www.lpi.usra.edu/lpi/meteorites/The_Meteorite.shtml

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