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A UFO lands in your home's garden with all it's lights on and the ramp descends. No one exits . Would you enter ? Why - Why Not

Sometimes I like to ask this question during the dessert course at dinner parties in our home. It's amazing how differently men and women answer; and how couples are surprised at what the other says; they learn more about each other.

This question seems to bring out the Core-Explorer in our personality - or not. The "Explorer" in us is something we don't normally share with others until our lifestyle needs it.


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    Sep 2 2012: It's a red pill - blue pill type question like Neo had to answer in the Matrix. One road is uncertain and leads down the rabbit hole and the other is like playing an ostrich with its head in the sand with guns primed waiting and hoping for benign engagement. Take the road less travelled I say and step right in. You never know. Joseph Campbell once said that given a choice between a direct religious experience and a lecture about one, Americans would always choose the lecture.....choose the experience!

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