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Implementing a Star Trek Economy

Implementing a global holistic Star Trek economy, here on Earth, that is based on the needs of mankind and not the acquisition of wealth. Where our incentives would lie in bettering ourselves and those around us. Where we would live beyond the need for money, politics, poverty, war, national border and social stratification.

Through technological abundance and automation of labor this is not just feasible, but rather easy to attain. And with an educated population the transition to such a society would be much smoother when the predicted economic collapse, which is seemingly looming upon us, breaks out.

With that, I hope for a healthy and fun discussion on this topic and sharing of many other great ideas that can help build a better future for us all. LLAP.


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    Sep 2 2012: This is a very good idea. But you dont seem to have a solution to the worst of human nature that usually brings failure to well conceived systems.
    • Sep 2 2012: What do you mean by 'the worst of human nature'?
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        Sep 3 2012: I'm sure you had the ideal humanity in mind. But in the real world as it is, hypocrisy, greed, selfishness, and other vices do exist.
        • Sep 4 2012: Hypcrisy, greed, selfishness and other vices are behaviors that stem from our environement and are not inborn. If you were brought up in the Amazonas in a headhunter family and saw nothing else you would become a headhunter. And if I traveled down and asked you: "Aren't you sad for having five shrunken heads on a stick?" You would say: "Yes, my brother has twenty." So, are you bad? No, because that kinda behavior is normal in that particular environement.

          Realizing this, the values and behaviors of people therefore relies on education and awareness. Phasing out or even eliminating all unsustainable values and behavior (such as the one you mentioned) is easy if we design an environement that takes into account the needs of the people and create a system that can make that environment sustainable.
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      Sep 3 2012: Human error is a systemic anomaly that can be provided for in design, and it must be for any system to effectively tackle global problems.

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