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Global youth unemployment is off the charts all around the world. Will the international community continue to ignore their plight? WARNING.

Unemployment is a volital issue, it always has been and it always will be. Primarily because it dictates an individuals role in society. When you grow up you hear endless requests from your family, friends, teachers, and peers about what job you want, so you pick one, and learn to indentify with it. Most if not all youth by the time they graduate from Highschool or University have expectations to get a job to eat and if possible fulfill their ambitions, this however is becoming increasingly impossible for student the world over.

Youth unemployment is expected to raise to 12.7 percent and stay there until 2016 according to the International Labor Organization (ILO). This is so bad that many World Bank and IMF leaders and managers have warned of a "Lost Generation" globally. In countries like Greece, Spain, Egypt and most of the Middle East, youth unemployment is near 50 percent or higher. My question is, do you think the world community will take the measures necessary to help this 'Lost Generation', or will they let time pass, and simply replace them with a younger eager generation willing to work for less, effectively strangling the generation for life.

If so there is the strong possibility of a large, global social and political backlash that may change the fabric of our modern society. For the best?


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    Sep 3 2012: Hi Colleen, I am answering questions/comments sent to me -. The payroll auto-deposit tax was a heads up from a financial advisor- many taxes go into effect next 2 years that are not common knowledge-check with a cpa if you have a usa small business with employees .
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      Sep 3 2012: Anne,
      You stated..."did you know that the current administration is planning to make it mandatory for small businesses to auto-deposit employees checks, charge the employee a tax to take their money out of their bank because of auto-deposit, and make the employer pay a auto-deposit tax ...?"

      Thanks for clarifying....there is nothing pending officially with the administration....you got the "heads up" from a financial advisor. No, I do not have a small business of any kind any more. It's just nice to be clear about information....thanks:>)

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