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Global youth unemployment is off the charts all around the world. Will the international community continue to ignore their plight? WARNING.

Unemployment is a volital issue, it always has been and it always will be. Primarily because it dictates an individuals role in society. When you grow up you hear endless requests from your family, friends, teachers, and peers about what job you want, so you pick one, and learn to indentify with it. Most if not all youth by the time they graduate from Highschool or University have expectations to get a job to eat and if possible fulfill their ambitions, this however is becoming increasingly impossible for student the world over.

Youth unemployment is expected to raise to 12.7 percent and stay there until 2016 according to the International Labor Organization (ILO). This is so bad that many World Bank and IMF leaders and managers have warned of a "Lost Generation" globally. In countries like Greece, Spain, Egypt and most of the Middle East, youth unemployment is near 50 percent or higher. My question is, do you think the world community will take the measures necessary to help this 'Lost Generation', or will they let time pass, and simply replace them with a younger eager generation willing to work for less, effectively strangling the generation for life.

If so there is the strong possibility of a large, global social and political backlash that may change the fabric of our modern society. For the best?


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    Sep 1 2012: In America-
    The only way to correct our failing economy is to vote in a new " Leader " who is experienced and understands how to discard waste and promote an innovative Business environment which will help improve our housing and other markets also. A Leader who understands Banks and how government should and should not work with Banks.

    I've been an Independent voter since I was 18 . I vote for the right person, not a party. I always felt belonging to a political party was like belonging to a union - I never liked paying dues to a group that was not obligated to have an open-book accounting of how they spent my dues.

    I know that no Leader will ever be perfect - but they need the skills, passion and right attitude to tackle the job.

    Our current Leader practices the strategy of 'sitting on the fence' - waiting to see which way the political wind blows - then he will give an opinion - rarely a decision = That is not a Leader. Before he became President his political work was focused on giving money away -t hat' was his expertise, he did it very well, and that is exactly what he has done the last 3.5 years as President.

    The USA is doomed to follow Europe's economic failure if we do not make a change this year. Our younger generation must organize and vote for the person of their choice - it's their future. Our youth also needs to report voter fraud - it will be rampant this year. By the way, our current President's administration is suing several USA States that have Voter ID laws. The current President feels this is discrimination against non-citizens = where's the logic? someone please tell me?!
    • Sep 1 2012: IMO, The notion that the President has the power to change the economy in any significant way is a fraud (lie, falsehood) knowingly perpetuated by both of our major parties.
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        Sep 2 2012: In the case of the American economy the power bestowed or de facto held by the President have no means of effecting the economy. It's just easier to blame one man or one administration than a bunch of Senators and Representatives who actually hold the purse strings and the ability to make economic policies that effect businesses.

        In other countries such as North Korea or many African nations this may be more accurate assumption as heads of state have disproportional affect on all government proceedings.
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          Sep 2 2012: I agree Levi - each party does this in every administration to some degree .... but this administration has not cut spending at all. it has greatly increased it by going around Congress in many instances, to increase spending by using Presidential executive orders. - . This administration has most of the media stations ' in their pocket ' so it's hard to find out real facts of what's going on - I find out a lot on BBC's different programs and Russian TV's different programs and flipping on all American new channel - at different times of the day and night.
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        Sep 3 2012: I agree Barry -
        ... we /the voters / hire and fire the people/politicians with our votes.

        We pay for bridges, roads, transit,
        then we pay to use them,
        then we pay taxes and higher toll fees to fix them up ,
        and we pay high salaries for people to run them...
        .why do bridges and mass transportation cost BILLIONS ? ??

        ...did you know that the current administration is planning to make it mandatory for small businesses to auto-deposit employees checks, charge the employee a tax to take their money out of their bank because of auto-deposit, and make the employer pay a auto-deposit tax ...? ! ..things have to change....
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          Sep 3 2012: Hi Anne,
          I'm not aware of any pending legislation regarding your last statement. Could you provide that information? It feels like you are on the campaign trail here.

          The topic is:"Global youth unemployment is off the charts all around the world. Will the international community continue to ignore their plight""

          AND...the facilitator has already tried to keep the conversation on topic by stating:
          "I dont really want to discuss american politics in this thread, its about Global unemployment"
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        Sep 3 2012: Thanks Colleen for reaffirming the point of this thread, always welcome! I'd love to hear more of your views on the problem as well.

        Ms. Thull I might not recommend watching RT as I mentioned before there have been many, many, reports basically stating that most of its information is fabricated and sensationalist. They're basically the FOX of Russia, except with less facts, and have a strong Kermlin bias. It is good to get another perspective but I wouldn't use its reports as a basis for an argument. I thought I'd mention this as some foreigners think it has a higher brand of reporting because its well funded and can be at times convincing. Their unemployment statistics are way off as well.

        I suggest a mixture of BBC and Al Jazeera as american new outlets although they tend to follow facts much more tend to lie by omission, and often simply don't present any view contrary to american public opinion, which too is unhealthy. This is true especially regarding government statistics on unemployment or labor issues which american media simply never acklnologes, like the labor movement of over 200,000 people at the DC mall regarding unemployment and jobs (One nation Rally 2010), that wasn't mentioned in any mainstream media within the country despite being a few weeks after Glenn Beck's "Rally to restore Honor" (less people), is an example.

        The american government has been largely dysfunctional since President Obama has come into power, they have passed virtually no new laws, reforms, or budgets (beyond basic survival mode), and have effectively been on vacation before they even heard the Presidents plans. I'm guessing because that's what the companies and thus the highly effective lobbyists groups funding them requested. The American senate has done little to nothing for its own unemployed, and is perhaps reflective of the need of many world governments to overcome their personal egos and get out there and make laws which support economic recovery, not inhibit it.
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          Sep 3 2012: Hi Levi....thanks for the invitation!

          It seems popular to blame the government for everything, and we need to remember that we ARE the governments that we elect. Obama was overwhelmingly elected because people wanted a change, and yet, those same people who elected him ALSO elected representatives who have proven that they cannot work together, so we continued with "party politics" rather than working together toward change. Obama inherited a MESS...the challenges he has been facing were NOT caused by his administration and did not happen over night. Neither will the issues be resolved overnight, or even in one term. To put people in office who have the same mindset as those who created the problems seems silly to me, but I'm only one person who votes.

          The "Global youth unemployment" issue, like many of our global challenges, is not going to be resolved simply by government action. Although it's possible that gov. action can help facilitate change, it needs to be addressed from many different angles.

          One of my questions, based on what I observe locally, is...do young people really WANT employment? I live in a farming community, and farmers here are bringing people from Mexico to work on the farms. The produce growers have been hiring Jamaicans for years, who come here to harvest produce, because young people in the area do not want that kind of job. I do a lot of volunteer work, and could usually get a job in any of the organizations I've worked with because I'm told I am dependable and responsible, whereas, many of the younger people who are hired do not seem to really care about the jobs.

          My point, is that it takes effort by the government, businesses, AND those who are genuinely seeking employment. All of the young people I know, who want to work are employed. Older people who want to work are employed. With the economy the way it is, We're seeing lots of retirees working in jobs they probably would not otherwise take. It takes a joint effort and interest.

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