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The Arts : Should be a mandatory part of every schools curriculum for every degree .

The Art's: drawing, painting, voice, music, dance, film, woodwork, shop, sculpture, jewelry making, etc.

The Arts re-teach people different lessons during every stage of their life:
- How History repeats itself
- How to channel your good or angry emotions in a productive way
- How to work as a team
- How to be proud to stand out as an individual
- How to find out what their Passion is
- How to problem solve
- How to embrace change
- How math and music go hand in hand
- How languages, math, music and drawing go hand in hand
- How people learn differently


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    Sep 4 2012: Krisztian, I think 'education' is the key. I'm simply promoting ' art-education; painting, drawing, carpentry/shop, music, film, dance, voice, script writing, art-glass, metal work etc.....
    ....... When you think of the skills you learn through 'Art' / shop / music, etc. ( problem solving, channeling your feelings in different ways etc ) ... they are in line with the skills YOU as an individual - learn with 'mathematics' , 'language' , these are necessary skills to use in your own way to grow and you wish to grow.
    Everyone learns in different ways - ART-training Honors this....and looks at it as different ' skills' vs. you're not the same / the oddball because you learn though : visual arts, hearing, hands-on, philosophical thinking, numbers - analytical thinking, etc.... Art can also help people realize how much alike they think : artists/ designers and scientists in certain fields, etc.....
    I think the word 'mandatory' is not the best word for me to use - since it's drumming up a negative connotation -but most people don't realize how much they can learn from art until they take the classes - we have been socialized to think it's just 'playtime' .... in general - ....

    I am promoting more free-decision making, helping people channel their " learning-thinking-skills " in ways that will best fit them / Their OWN needs---this is what exposure to "Art classes" does for people. ... it's amazing...

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