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The Arts : Should be a mandatory part of every schools curriculum for every degree .

The Art's: drawing, painting, voice, music, dance, film, woodwork, shop, sculpture, jewelry making, etc.

The Arts re-teach people different lessons during every stage of their life:
- How History repeats itself
- How to channel your good or angry emotions in a productive way
- How to work as a team
- How to be proud to stand out as an individual
- How to find out what their Passion is
- How to problem solve
- How to embrace change
- How math and music go hand in hand
- How languages, math, music and drawing go hand in hand
- How people learn differently


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    Sep 3 2012: okay, so art is very beneficial. why we need to force people to study it? everyone is just a silly wally? maybe we could convince people to study art and make their children study art, instead of threatening them?
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      Sep 3 2012: Hi Krisztian - can you explain what you mean by" threatening them" ?
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        Sep 3 2012: explore the implications of "mandatory".
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          Sep 4 2012: 'mandatory' meant it would be a required course. My thinking is that as we age, we learn a lot. our personalities change, our likes, dislikes, interests. our problem solving skills improve. so by taking art as a mandatory part of the degrees curriculum , you are able to continue to expand your skills for what you are doing at that time. ... because if you only took art in grade school - you learn on a grade school level. when you take art in grad school it takes on a different concept for you - you're expanding your horizons - ..." mental-play" with a variety of artistic skills changes as you do.......my Mother, for example took an art course in her 30's - she had 5 children, and was very feminine and loved being a stay at home Mom in the 1950's-60's. .... I was shocked (as a 10 year old ) that what Mom wanted to take a course in was "shop" - Carpentry. She made breadboards - beautiful - I have them in my house today - 50 years later......! she loved shop!..she loved design- who knew? she never had a chance to express it before that time-
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        Sep 4 2012: we so much have got used to coercion, we don't even recognize anymore. required course is different how? it is still the same method. what if someone does not want? you went ahead and explained in great detail why it is beneficial. you want to convince me. this is how normal people deal with disagreement. you don't want to whip me for possible dissent. so the conclusion is a surprise and a shock. how could we conclude that we need to force people to follow these guidelines? how that horrendous thought comes from the previous? you switched from proposal to enforce in a split second without even noticing.

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