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The Arts : Should be a mandatory part of every schools curriculum for every degree .

The Art's: drawing, painting, voice, music, dance, film, woodwork, shop, sculpture, jewelry making, etc.

The Arts re-teach people different lessons during every stage of their life:
- How History repeats itself
- How to channel your good or angry emotions in a productive way
- How to work as a team
- How to be proud to stand out as an individual
- How to find out what their Passion is
- How to problem solve
- How to embrace change
- How math and music go hand in hand
- How languages, math, music and drawing go hand in hand
- How people learn differently

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    Sep 4 2012: Krisztian, I think 'education' is the key. I'm simply promoting ' art-education; painting, drawing, carpentry/shop, music, film, dance, voice, script writing, art-glass, metal work etc.....
    ....... When you think of the skills you learn through 'Art' / shop / music, etc. ( problem solving, channeling your feelings in different ways etc ) ... they are in line with the skills YOU as an individual - learn with 'mathematics' , 'language' , these are necessary skills to use in your own way to grow and you wish to grow.
    Everyone learns in different ways - ART-training Honors this....and looks at it as different ' skills' vs. you're not the same / the oddball because you learn though : visual arts, hearing, hands-on, philosophical thinking, numbers - analytical thinking, etc.... Art can also help people realize how much alike they think : artists/ designers and scientists in certain fields, etc.....
    I think the word 'mandatory' is not the best word for me to use - since it's drumming up a negative connotation -but most people don't realize how much they can learn from art until they take the classes - we have been socialized to think it's just 'playtime' .... in general - ....

    I am promoting more free-decision making, helping people channel their " learning-thinking-skills " in ways that will best fit them / Their OWN needs---this is what exposure to "Art classes" does for people. ... it's amazing...
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    Sep 3 2012: okay, so art is very beneficial. why we need to force people to study it? everyone is just a silly wally? maybe we could convince people to study art and make their children study art, instead of threatening them?
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      Sep 3 2012: Hi Krisztian - can you explain what you mean by" threatening them" ?
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        Sep 3 2012: explore the implications of "mandatory".
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          Sep 4 2012: 'mandatory' meant it would be a required course. My thinking is that as we age, we learn a lot. our personalities change, our likes, dislikes, interests. our problem solving skills improve. so by taking art as a mandatory part of the degrees curriculum , you are able to continue to expand your skills for what you are doing at that time. ... because if you only took art in grade school - you learn on a grade school level. when you take art in grad school it takes on a different concept for you - you're expanding your horizons - ..." mental-play" with a variety of artistic skills changes as you Mother, for example took an art course in her 30's - she had 5 children, and was very feminine and loved being a stay at home Mom in the 1950's-60's. .... I was shocked (as a 10 year old ) that what Mom wanted to take a course in was "shop" - Carpentry. She made breadboards - beautiful - I have them in my house today - 50 years later......! she loved shop!..she loved design- who knew? she never had a chance to express it before that time-
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        Sep 4 2012: we so much have got used to coercion, we don't even recognize anymore. required course is different how? it is still the same method. what if someone does not want? you went ahead and explained in great detail why it is beneficial. you want to convince me. this is how normal people deal with disagreement. you don't want to whip me for possible dissent. so the conclusion is a surprise and a shock. how could we conclude that we need to force people to follow these guidelines? how that horrendous thought comes from the previous? you switched from proposal to enforce in a split second without even noticing.
  • Sep 3 2012: What is art? What would be taught?

    It seems to me that today 'art' is whatever any 'artist' claims to be 'art.'

    I would wholeheartedly agree that art should be taught as part of every degree, IF the first art course, in the first hour, made it clear that the above idea is nonsense. Serious art critics have praised paintings that were done by chimps or other animals. If you want art to be considered a serious subject for study, to be given serious time within crowded curricula for business, science and engineering students, then the people teaching art had better get serious about criteria for determining what constitutes a work of art. At the very least, they could say 'within this institution, we will use these criteria.'

    Such criteria are very difficult. How do you distinguish an artistic graphical story from a comic book? Or an erotic artist from a stripper? Is it art if a five year old takes a snapshot that happens to capture an insightful truth? Falling back on the useless notion that art is necessarily subjective is just an excuse for avoiding hard work.

    If you are going to teach art, these kinds of questions should be a top priority.

    Art can be a slice of heaven, a vivid, soulful experience that can change a person's life. That is the art I would want to learn about.

    Unfortunately, most of the stuff that people call art winds up in the trash, because it should.
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      Sep 3 2012: Hi Barry - your are right on target I think..

      ..when people tell me art is a hobby, that's fine for some but I first point out the art in 'design' = cars, aerospace engineers, scientific instruments, inventions, the art in a teachers lesson plan can reach more children if it's focused on how each child learns ...and everything around us is art
      - art teaches many things, one is problem solving - . since childhood art has always been 'serious fun' for me; that became my career...
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    Sep 2 2012: I would vote YES!
    Though here the last school type that had arts in their program had to abolish this a few years back. It was too expensive.
    In The Netherlands government dictates how and what is taught.
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      Sep 2 2012: The USA has been doing that since the last 1960's. That prompted more private schools where the Arts are available - and those students are more creative, better problem solvers in all fields of business.
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    Aug 31 2012: One thing I wanted to add, is that art shouldn't be limited to traditional art.

    Like what about art from movies, recent books like Hunger Games, Poetry, Popular Music, comic books/graphic novels, TV shows, Computer algorithms, multi-cultural diversity like Japanese or Chinese art too, etc.

    Like in English classes they have today, they focus way too much on traditional works and it's a huge turn-off for most kids. More cool things and contemporary things.

    Also, some people like to create art, but others just like to observe it.
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      Aug 31 2012: I agree James - A good Teacher / Professor knows - Art is forever changing and growing new avenues
  • Aug 31 2012: HI Anne.
    I agree with you that it should a part of everyone's life.
    For my entire life, I have been pointing out the art that exists naturally in our everyday lives, like the real animation that is there that only artists see. Most have never really looked where I pointed. I've pointed to flowers, syrupy fog, light shows going on under the banks of rivers and streams, but no one really seemed to care or even think any of it was meaningful.

    So that, to me points out that something is really out of tilt.

    I do wish to repeat something I am trying to spread and it is about the first thing you listed.
    How history repeats itself.
    History doesn't repeat itself. Humans repeat it. They are the ones who repeat their history.
    Why? Because they have been fooled into believing the lie that, "those who forget the past, are doomed to repeat it."

    Not true. One cannot repeat what one cannot remember. But, it is a real good sound byte to control and manipulate others, meaning the masses. As long as we keep repeating our past, we feel comforted. It's familiar and we would rather have that than real change that is for the good.

    We continually seek out the old familiar and much of it is what we learned in neurotic families.
    As John Bradshaw once said, "Familiar and family are very similar in spelling, and that is the spell we are under." Then we keep repeating what we remember because we enhance and validate it again and again.

    If we don't stop doing that, I don't see how we can do most of the rest of your list.
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      Aug 31 2012: You are right Random Chance!

      Humans repeat their History because they do not learn from the past -

      we are not properly teaching children / adults in school about the actual History that occurred and how to avoid the same mistakes....

      ...LEARN from past experiences -
      ...continue to grow and gain more knowledge
      ...= gain Wisdom -
      ..then pass it on !
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    Aug 31 2012: I think people underestimate the impact art has on culture. I hear people saying all the time that an artist is not a real profession or someone going to school for art is wasting their time. If you look around your house there is probably a hundred things that probably too some type of artistic ability to create. Plus art is a gateway to the past. We learn a great deal about our ancestors through art, and not just during renaissance, middle ages, or ancient egypt but all the way back to the prehistoric ages from simple cave paintings. Plus the world would be pretty boring if there was no form of art. so yeah, im down for that lol..
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      Aug 31 2012: Indeed, you can say that if we lived in a society where art does not exist, we would live in a society where we are no longer human anymore.
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        Aug 31 2012: I agree James - ...we need to add Art classes in all schools again because we are losing future Artists / teaching our future generations how to have fun problem solving and how to embrace Change vs. fight it
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      Aug 31 2012: Hi Kelly -
      It is so refreshing to know other people experienced the same things....

      I agree with you completely.
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    Aug 31 2012: Sir Ken Robinson has very good books on the subject today.
    I am a self taught artist - by default. I tried to obtain my degree but life's circumstances, moving, odd work hours, kept it at bay...eventually it was my personal passion for Art that kept me going. Not having the formal education has helped me because I did not learn limits on what was 'acceptable' - what I could accomplish. I focus on what I want to do without hesitation. Educated thinking taught me limits vs. creative expression. When they started to cancel the Art classes in schools, I was shocked. They did not understand the importance Art Class can make in one persons life - and on society - how it teaches people to become excellent strong members of society in many different ways.