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The Arts : Should be a mandatory part of every schools curriculum for every degree .

The Art's: drawing, painting, voice, music, dance, film, woodwork, shop, sculpture, jewelry making, etc.

The Arts re-teach people different lessons during every stage of their life:
- How History repeats itself
- How to channel your good or angry emotions in a productive way
- How to work as a team
- How to be proud to stand out as an individual
- How to find out what their Passion is
- How to problem solve
- How to embrace change
- How math and music go hand in hand
- How languages, math, music and drawing go hand in hand
- How people learn differently


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  • Sep 3 2012: What is art? What would be taught?

    It seems to me that today 'art' is whatever any 'artist' claims to be 'art.'

    I would wholeheartedly agree that art should be taught as part of every degree, IF the first art course, in the first hour, made it clear that the above idea is nonsense. Serious art critics have praised paintings that were done by chimps or other animals. If you want art to be considered a serious subject for study, to be given serious time within crowded curricula for business, science and engineering students, then the people teaching art had better get serious about criteria for determining what constitutes a work of art. At the very least, they could say 'within this institution, we will use these criteria.'

    Such criteria are very difficult. How do you distinguish an artistic graphical story from a comic book? Or an erotic artist from a stripper? Is it art if a five year old takes a snapshot that happens to capture an insightful truth? Falling back on the useless notion that art is necessarily subjective is just an excuse for avoiding hard work.

    If you are going to teach art, these kinds of questions should be a top priority.

    Art can be a slice of heaven, a vivid, soulful experience that can change a person's life. That is the art I would want to learn about.

    Unfortunately, most of the stuff that people call art winds up in the trash, because it should.
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      Sep 3 2012: Hi Barry - your are right on target I think..

      ..when people tell me art is a hobby, that's fine for some but I first point out the art in 'design' = cars, aerospace engineers, scientific instruments, inventions, the art in a teachers lesson plan can reach more children if it's focused on how each child learns ...and everything around us is art
      - art teaches many things, one is problem solving - . since childhood art has always been 'serious fun' for me; that became my career...

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