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The Arts : Should be a mandatory part of every schools curriculum for every degree .

The Art's: drawing, painting, voice, music, dance, film, woodwork, shop, sculpture, jewelry making, etc.

The Arts re-teach people different lessons during every stage of their life:
- How History repeats itself
- How to channel your good or angry emotions in a productive way
- How to work as a team
- How to be proud to stand out as an individual
- How to find out what their Passion is
- How to problem solve
- How to embrace change
- How math and music go hand in hand
- How languages, math, music and drawing go hand in hand
- How people learn differently


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    Aug 31 2012: I think people underestimate the impact art has on culture. I hear people saying all the time that an artist is not a real profession or someone going to school for art is wasting their time. If you look around your house there is probably a hundred things that probably too some type of artistic ability to create. Plus art is a gateway to the past. We learn a great deal about our ancestors through art, and not just during renaissance, middle ages, or ancient egypt but all the way back to the prehistoric ages from simple cave paintings. Plus the world would be pretty boring if there was no form of art. so yeah, im down for that lol..
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      Aug 31 2012: Indeed, you can say that if we lived in a society where art does not exist, we would live in a society where we are no longer human anymore.
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        Aug 31 2012: I agree James - ...we need to add Art classes in all schools again because we are losing future Artists / teaching our future generations how to have fun problem solving and how to embrace Change vs. fight it
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      Aug 31 2012: Hi Kelly -
      It is so refreshing to know other people experienced the same things....

      I agree with you completely.

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