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Is our Soul our Energy, our conscious and unconscious Mind and our Imagination?

If our Mind is not our Brain.
And if our Mind is includes our conscious and unconscious thoughts.
And our Mind nestles our Imagination.
Then our Mind must be our 'Energy'.
Is our Soul our Energy / our Mind / our Imagination?

People who have clinically died for 20 minutes or more - and who are revived - tell accurate stories of floating around with complete consciousness- and recall exact observations and conversations of what people were doing inside or outside their operating room .


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  • Sep 13 2012: Anne, you have tried to relate several metaphysical concepts all at once that are very difficult to grasp unless one can bring about a fusion of art and intellect - the domain of poets or creative writers.
    Nevertheless the important thing you are pointing out is that all living creatures, and especially human beings are not merely physical entities having finite boundaries and chemical processes but have non-physical dimensions that make us magical - something that has been slowly forgotten in the progress of civilizations and in the deployment of all our energies towards the physical. Today any talk of metaphysics is laughed at and ridiculed, so one has to be simultaneously cautious and creative in the use of metaphysical concepts. Firstly we need to sort out the broad relationship between the concepts. The funny thing is that today many metaphysical concepts have lost their potency and have to be extrapolated from physical concepts or understood as analogies from them. For example when you use the word 'energy' - it is basically a physical concept that is analogous to the originally metaphysical concepts of 'spirit' and 'will' - both of which are almost meaningless today. Similarly, today 'soul' has become meaningless and so we have to understand it in terms of 'essence' or 'substance' or 'potential'. Also 'mind' and 'consciousness' have both been elbowed out by 'brain' and 'neuro-chemistry'. The malaise is deep because by the domination of science in all our thinking, we tend to reject any 'intangible' or 'abstract' concept or ideas as nonsense. Thus only 'tangible' or 'measurable' or 'quantifiable' things are accepted as valid. The challenge for art-intellect has become stupendous, if not impossible - the other side of the equation is that the greater the challenge, the greater the potential for creativity amounting to magic.

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