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Are we entering into a new historical period?

The world is becoming crowded, flatter, and hotter. Citizens are claiming for change in government. Information technology and telecommunications are enabling people to share and collaborate in free and creative ways. The Earth demands careful use of its resources.

Across the globe, wealth is being redistributed as well as freedom in all its forms is being pursued.

Today's news -- from the economic meltdown in developed countries to rising power of developing nations to advances in science and technology to setbacks in human rights in some places to natural disasters -- are a call for thinking and action.

Are we writing a new chapter in History? How will it be titled?


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    Mar 21 2011: It's just history - us on the planet - change is new and its old. What was true of the village, then the town, city and country is now starting to be true globally and it is a truly good thing. The question is always how fast we'll solve the problems we've created and how great the price of the mis match will be between problem and solution.

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