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Are we entering into a new historical period?

The world is becoming crowded, flatter, and hotter. Citizens are claiming for change in government. Information technology and telecommunications are enabling people to share and collaborate in free and creative ways. The Earth demands careful use of its resources.

Across the globe, wealth is being redistributed as well as freedom in all its forms is being pursued.

Today's news -- from the economic meltdown in developed countries to rising power of developing nations to advances in science and technology to setbacks in human rights in some places to natural disasters -- are a call for thinking and action.

Are we writing a new chapter in History? How will it be titled?


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    Mar 20 2011: I think we are entering into a new historical period yes, but one of so much unnatural turmoil and change that I can not decide if it will become positive or negative. I believe that we are waiting for the next huge thing to determine wether what this era is to be named, maybe it will be a new energy source, maybe it will be the greater production of synthesized foods, or maybe we move to an era of cities built in giant sky towers, and the idea of community is brought back, or maybe we move into an era where people despise their govt. even more due to lack of real support or solid answers.... the questions of what this era really is are limitless.
    • Mar 20 2011: Timothy,

      I don't think it's possible to predict if the outcomes from the current events will be positive or negative, too. But I think we can shape our common future according to the decisions we make today.

      I also agree with you about the sense of community being brought back. For me, it's the basis upon which cities will be built and governments will be reshaped. As we both live in democratic nations, we can clearly notice how communities -- whether they're a school, an enterprise, a family, or a group of students -- play an important role in setting common goals and making things happen.

      Asking the right questions and looking for creative solutions are really big challenges of this new historical era.

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